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Seasons of love … and writing

Birds and flowers of the four seasons, part of the paintings on room partitions in the abbot’s quarters (hōjō) of Jukō-in of Daitoku-ji, Kyoto, Japan. Ink on paper. This picture shows four of 16 panels on fusuma (sliding doors) in the in the ritual room. The paintings have been designated as National Treasure of Japan in the category paintings. 16th century. By Kanō Eitoku and his father Kanō Shōei... read more

Dating. Why bother?

You’ve all heard plenty of my dating observations on the old bloggity over the years. Just wanted to share the view from the other side (of the country and the gender divide). Here’s a piece from a single dad in LA breaking down the dating scene there. [I was struck by how driving/parking plays such a big part in whether or not you get some action at the end of the night. ;-)] As I read it, I... read more

Ask Trish: Why isn’t Prince Charming beating down my door?

Time for another “Ask Trish” post. This week’s topic is close to my heart so let’s get right to it! READER QUESTION: Hey Trish- I have a question for your bloggity. What the hell can I do about my lack of a love life? I’m really reluctant to try online dating- I’m more comfortable meeting someone through another person. I went looking on match & saw 2 guys I went to... read more

An Open Letter to My Future Husband: Dear Louis C.K.

Readers: This post is not for you. Sorry. It’s meant for my future husband, the comedian Louis C.K. I know this whole marriage thing is probably shocking to a lot of you. Honestly, it’s shocking to me, too. But I have received a Decree from the Universe that Louis C.K. and I are supposed to get married. What am I supposed to do? I feel like that little Indian girl in Eat, Pray, Love whose... read more

Super-f*cking HUGE announcement!

  Well, peeps, I have an announcement: I’m getting married. I know. Holy shit, right? Listen, no one is more shocked than I am. I wasn’t sure this day would come again. I wasn’t even sure that I wanted it to come. But I just got the news. The Universe is hurling a husband in my direction as we speak. Also, it turns out that my intended is Louis C.K. Yes, the comedian, Louis C.K. No,... read more

Observe: the existential dating crisis of the single momma

That quote had me chuckling this morning as I lifted it from a friend’s Facebook page (thanks, Cyndylou Who). On one hand, I was all F*CK, YES! about that sentiment. Then my sensible side (believe it or not, I do have one) kicked in and went … Hmm. I guess it all depends on how you define mad and passionate. I’m down with mad and passionate. Mad and passionate is intoxicating. But can... read more

Gratitude for faith and rituals from a non-religious hippie

Housekeeping note: Many of you have probably noticed that I changed the entire design of the bloggity a few days ago. I’m not sure that I’m loving this design either… Stay tuned for more possible changes and excuse the mess if things get a little wonky in the meantime. ___ Well, crap. I don’t have a pre-defined topic for gratitude today. Let’s make it up as we go along... read more

Gratitude for a tiny flame

You know what I’m not thankful for tonight? This brain that won’t shut up. Dude, shut up already. I’m tired and I just want to fire off some cursory I’m grateful for fuzzy puppies-style post so I can meet my gratitude requirement and go the fark to bed. But no. This brain cannot ever let anything be simple. So I sincerely hope this doesn’t take too long. But it probably will.... read more

Grief is a greedy bitch (or) Fuck, I’m depressed

  My friend called me yesterday. “I, uh, just thought I’d call …” she stammered. I finished the sentence for her “… to make sure I’m not cutting into my arms?” I laughed. I’m not sure that she did. The people around me are worried about me. I spent about five days walking around this world feeling so fragile that had I not looked in a mirror I... read more

Funeral for a friend

Megan’s beloved hermit crab died the other week. She sobbed and sobbed over Isabella (whom Benjamin always delightfully referred to as “Mrs. Bella”). She cried in my arms when we found her deceased crustacean companion, and then again when we buried the tiny, now-exposed crabby body in the front flower bed. Megan used Isabella’s rainbow shell to mark the spot. After the burial... read more

No Irish, no more

Well, peeps. Looks like I have some bad news for you all. Sorry. The Irishman? Done. Over. Finished. Sorry to disappoint. I know a lot of you liked hearing about him and the idea that I, a 40-year old single momma, could have a little true-life, fairytale romance. And it so started out that way. But as many people have pointed out, fairy tales always end at the beginning of relationships. So you never... read more

The Single Momma Sorority

I haven’t showered since Thanksgiving (yes, of 2011, smartasses). I showered that morning, then I took a pass the next day as the kidsters and I were just planning a day of bouncing around the greater suburban Philadelphia area visiting cousins. Then later that night … the cough. The evil cough. The ex took the kids yesterday (Saturday) so I spent the ENTIRE DAY on the couch, flipping... read more

Talkin’ turkey (not a cooking post — really, what were you thinking?)

Today I’m thankful for: 1. Waking up with the Irishman instead of waking up alone on Thanksgiving. 2. A gorgeous morning. A detour through Valley Forge Park on the way home. Scenery that still takes my breath away even though I’ve seen it a million times. My own “secret corner” of the park. 3. Just a smidgen of quiet time before the kids get home to medidate, drink coffee and do a... read more

Secrets of the Irish

Last night the Irishman invited the kids and I to family night at his “secrety society” of Irishmen. Want to know what the raffle prizes are for a gathering of Irish people? First prize: Whiskey. Second prize: Whiskey. Third prize: Whiskey. There was no fourth prize. No kidding. I think I laughed for 20 minutes over that. Have I ever mentioned that the Irishman has three kids of his own? And... read more

Pioneering the Single Momma Lifestyle

I guess I sort of left you all hangin’ with the Irishman, huh? God bless that crazy, ridiculous man. He has given me carte blanche to blog about him. I have license to say anything I want. (Really, babe? Anything?) (I don’t know who I’m writing to there in those parenthesis because he swears he’s never going to read this. We shall see…) Anyway, this permission isn’t... read more

I am a sitcom: My personal online dating implosion

My boss/editor/friend (let’s call her “Jezebel” to preserve her anonymity) is always telling me that my life should be a sitcom. Today I believe her. Let me make this promise right now: You all are gonna looooooove this one. I never, ever write about my dating life in real time or specifically mention anyone I date, but for this entry I must make an exception. So I’ve been on this... read more

Six-month dating assessment: Turns out I’m French. Who knew?

I woke up on the morning of my 39th birthday to find an email from one of my blog readers saying something like this: “I love your blog. Someday I’ll have the courage to ask you out.” Awesome gift, right? (Thanks, dude. Betcha didn’t know it was my birthday, didja?) I mean, I’m thirty-farking-nine. I have two kids. I kind of assumed that, like … no one was going to want... read more

Do men find motherhood sexy?

No. read more

Hey there, Mr. Cosmic Soulmate Lover Man

Oh, everybody is an expert. You married folk. You know it all, doncha? I used to know it all, too. Let me tell you something, people. This single-person world out here? It has changed a lot since most of you were in it. Sure, the whole online dating thing has been around for a while now — and when I was married that’s something I always said I’d do when, I mean if, I found myself single... read more

… and she never dated again.

I was going to open with a big, fat mom anecdote involving only 4 hours of sleep and making milk-free cupcakes for my daughter’s class and multiple trips to the store and … you know what? I got bored halfway through writing it. So [insert charming "frustrated mom" story here]. If you’re a mom, you’ve got one. Feel free to substitute your own. Think of it like Mom Libs. So yeah,... read more

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