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This is the year, folks. This is THE YEAR to take the writing to the next level. But before I set out to conquer the world in my own weird way, I’d like to very humbly ask for your help.

Care to give me some feedback?

I have formulated an extremely un-scientific and completely ridiculous survey to find out what y’all think of the old bloggity. The results are anonymous so feel free to let it rip if there’s something you don’t like.

Here’s the link.

I ask you to PLEASE BE CANDID. I have an extremely thick skin when it comes to writing and if there’s something that turns you off, I want to know about it. Plus, keep in mind that your feedback will help me improve. Don’t blow sunshine up my patootie unless you really mean it!

If you don’t feel like filling out the survey (it’s 10 questions), please feel free to shoot me an email (trishsammerjohnston@gmail.com) or leave a comment here with a few sentences about your innermost thoughts, feelings and desires that relate to me … I mean, my blog.

Also, if you just want to let me know if there was a particular post that you liked or hated, that would be cool too.


Again, the link is http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DQJDSLL

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