Date Archives January 2010

Totally not worth your time

This blog hiatus brought to you by Sinus Infection™. For those times when a head cold is just snot enough. I have at least 3 or 4 totally mind-blowing posts in the works. But I can’t blow your minds right now because I’m too busy blowing my nose. And before I was blowing my nose, I was blowing my kids’ noses (walking Petri dishes those kids are…). And before I was blowing my kids’ noses, I was blowing my husband’s… don’t make me say it. I blame this pathetic post on… Read More

Free to be you and me, bitches

I think my blog readers need a nickname. I feel affection toward you so I’m thinking of something sweet and warm and soft like blogmuffins. I considered blogheads but it sounds too much like blackheads and … yuck. Suggestions? Today I decided to cheat just a bit and not write something totally new. In the professional writing world that I inhabit, we refer to it as slicing and dicing. It’s like taking that ham you had for dinner the other night and cutting it up into iddy-bitty chunks and mixing… Read More

High adventure: Suburban mom style

A few mornings ago I wasn’t where I said I’d be. Hee hee heee….! I just took off! With no real plans, no real goal other than to be aimless for a bit. There was a bit of danger, a bit of intrigue and a bit of too much coffee and a bit too few bathrooms (there goes my resolution to stop talking about my ass…). Let me backtrack and tell you a few things you should know about me first: 1. I’m sort of an amateur ghost hunter. There, I admitted it…. Read More