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Fun with

Posted By on Sep 26, 2010

For this entry, I’d like to treat you all to a little gem from a pal of mine. My friend Buck Stetka is one of the funniest people I know. He also happens to be a charter member of Trish’s Rescue Squad, a little (or not-so-little) group of friends who came out of the woodwork to get me through this past year. (Some of you may remember Buck and his band, Mr. Thingee, from a party we threw a few years ago.) Anyway, Buck is...

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Fiction break. I’ve thought about submitting this following thang to various literary mags but I doubt it will be accepted because it doesn’t take place in a field hospital during a civil war in a foreign country. (If you read literary magazines at all, that is fucking hilarious.) So here, bitches, is some flash fiction  (meaning “supershort”) from me. Catch you all later in the week. (I apologize that...

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Get on the board

Posted By on Sep 12, 2010

It’s a rainy, quiet Sunday morning and I’m all cozied up in the camper with the kidsters at the shore. Stealing a quick few minutes to write before B wakes up (enjoying this time but really, really hoping that he’s not dead — he never sleeps this late). What a difference a year makes. That is quite an understatement. Last year around this time we  came here for a weekend on what was to be our last family trip...

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A mermaid in mom’s clothing

Posted By on Sep 10, 2010

I was walking out of the grocery store the other day behind someone who was wearing a Mermaid Bar and Lounge T-shirt.  And I thought … One day I’m gonna open up a dive bar and I’m gonna call it The Mermaid. I’ll be about 150 years old and I’ll have badly dyed strawberry blond hair, with about and inch or two of gray at the roots. Every day I’ll show up at the joint in my faded, too-big Mermaid...

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… and she never dated again.

Posted By on Sep 4, 2010

I was going to open with a big, fat mom anecdote involving only 4 hours of sleep and making milk-free cupcakes for my daughter’s class and multiple trips to the store and … you know what? I got bored halfway through writing it. So [insert charming “frustrated mom” story here]. If you’re a mom, you’ve got one. Feel free to substitute your own. Think of it like Mom Libs. So yeah, I’m a mom. I...

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