Posts made in November, 2010

Holiday shout out to my special peeps

Posted By on Nov 25, 2010

To all the other members of the First Holiday Tribe: Chin up, peeps. Hugs from me. We’ll get through it, won’t we? Yeah, we sure will. Thinking of you all and taking great comfort in knowing you’re there. Double hugs.

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Blessings (and a bit a of a smackdown)

Posted By on Nov 24, 2010

Breakfast today: Cup O’ Noodles and a steaming mug of Alka Selzter Cold. Aah, yes. The holidays are here. But I REFUSE to get sick on my first major holiday as a single mom. It just flat-out cannot happen. So today, on this day before Thanksgiving, I will count some darn blessings. I am thankful for: 1. Funny, inquisitive kids 2. My unbelievable mother and my sisters and the gorgeous, complicated little family unit that we are...

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I posted this entry as a note on facebook last year. It was a repost of something I posted on myspace the year before that. I’m trotting it out again because I have my 20-year high school reunion next week. (Wonder where I’lll repost it next?)   (Feb. 20, 2009) As more and more people pop out of my past here on facebook, I keep thinking of this blog that I wrote last year. It was all about how high school never mattered...

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A year in the life of a motherblogger

Posted By on Nov 18, 2010

Hey! Guess what, bloggermuffinheads? It’s been a year! I JUST realized that I am now starting my 13th month of According to Trish. WOW! Thanks and big hugs to all of my readers. I can’t tell you what it means to me that people actually come to this site and spend precious moments of their day reading my silly drivel. I LOVE the emails you send me, so keep ’em coming because they keep me going! I know a lot of you...

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