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The Single Momma Sorority

I haven’t showered since Thanksgiving (yes, of 2011, smartasses). I showered that morning, then I took a pass the next day as the kidsters and I were just planning a day of bouncing around the greater suburban Philadelphia area visiting cousins. Then later that night … the cough. The evil cough. The ex took the kids yesterday (Saturday) so I spent the ENTIRE DAY on the couch, flipping channels, hacking my brains out and sleeping. Mostly sleeping. In fact, I’m pretty impressed with the amount of sleeping that I did…. Read More

Talkin’ turkey (not a cooking post — really, what were you thinking?)

Today I’m thankful for: 1. Waking up with the Irishman instead of waking up alone on Thanksgiving. 2. A gorgeous morning. A detour through Valley Forge Park on the way home. Scenery that still takes my breath away even though I’ve seen it a million times. My own “secret corner” of the park. 3. Just a smidgen of quiet time before the kids get home to medidate, drink coffee and do a little writing. 4. Anyone who spends a fraction of a moment reading this blog on Thanksgiving. I love… Read More

Food for Thought …

Hey, blogmuffins. A lot of you wrote to me about the food drive that I’ve mentioned a  few times here on the old bloggity. If you were touched by those stories and would like to help, please check out the Web site for Food for Thought – Philadelphia. Some great friends have banded together with me to turn the food drive into a bona fide non-profit organization. We’re doing some great stuff and we’d love you to be a part of it. Please check out the links for Our Story and… Read More

Secrets of the Irish

Last night the Irishman invited the kids and I to family night at his “secrety society” of Irishmen. Want to know what the raffle prizes are for a gathering of Irish people? First prize: Whiskey. Second prize: Whiskey. Third prize: Whiskey. There was no fourth prize. No kidding. I think I laughed for 20 minutes over that. Have I ever mentioned that the Irishman has three kids of his own? And that I have two kids of my own? So if you do the math, you’ll quickly discover that between… Read More

What I Didn’t Do Today

If you want to know if I took a half an hour of precious work-at-home time today to attempt to make a much-craved pumpkin pie, I did not. If you want to know if I then ruined the entire thing by dumping too much salt into the mix because the lid wasn’t properly secured to the salt shaker, I also did not do that. If you were curious about whether I then I spent about 20 minutes or so desperately trying to salvage the whole mess, I’m going to tell… Read More

Pioneering the Single Momma Lifestyle

I guess I sort of left you all hangin’ with the Irishman, huh? God bless that crazy, ridiculous man. He has given me carte blanche to blog about him. I have license to say anything I want. (Really, babe? Anything?) (I don’t know who I’m writing to there in those parenthesis because he swears he’s never going to read this. We shall see…) Anyway, this permission isn’t new. It’s been in effect practically since we started dating. That makes me laugh because most men I dated had the complete opposite… Read More