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Pioneering the Single Momma Lifestyle

Posted By on Nov 17, 2011

I guess I sort of left you all hangin’ with the Irishman, huh? God bless that crazy, ridiculous man. He has given me carte blanche to blog about him. I have license to say anything I want. (Really, babe? Anything?) (I don’t know who I’m writing to there in those parenthesis because he swears he’s never going to read this. We shall see…) Anyway, this permission isn’t new. It’s been in effect...

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Wisdom from the Bread Line

Posted By on Nov 7, 2011

First off, everyone, thanks for the great big sloppy outpouring of love after my last blog entry. I know it all sounds pathetic and I certainly felt pathetic for a while but that seems to have passed for the most part. I really, really hate people feeling sorry for me, even though, yes, I had some moments of feeling sorry for myself, too. To me, this is a temporary glitch. And let’s be honest: There’s poor and...

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Poor, poor me

Posted By on Nov 3, 2011

I started this one on Sunday but didn’t get to finish — I’m not having quite the “putter” morning on this Thursday that I mention below …. _______ I’m puttering around my cozy little Single Momma townhouse. It’s a cold October morning. Snow on the ground. Quiet. Kids at their dad’s house. Perched on the edge of my desk is my full coffee cup and my empty breakfast plate (one egg...

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