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Oops. I married a Giant Man-Baby. Now what?

I have the BEST readers. Seriously. One of my smart, articulate, funny ladypeeps just sent me this (via email) in response to TK’s awesome writeup on the Giant Man-Baby Phenomenon. This one is all about what to do if you find yourself already married to a giant man-baby. [I have a new post of my own stuff coming real soon (working on it right now, in fact), but I can’t resist posting another great perspective on a topic that seems to have hit a nerve.] And now, I surrender the… Read More

The Return of the Giant Man-Baby: A dude weighs in

Hi all! I know I said my next post was going to be all about the Irishman, but one of my brilliant readers derailed me! (Working on that next post now, peeps. Never fear!) Remember the Giant Man-Baby Phenomenon? Well, one of my dudely readers took the time to write a very insightful comment on it from the guy’s perspective. I wanted to make sure you all got the chance to read it, so I’m pasting it below. As always, I’d love to hear your comment on his comments. And… Read More

A message from Adele’s best friend

I know that everyone thinks Adele is theirs. You know — her songs really “speak” to you. She says juuuuust want you’re feeling. You’re so connected.  But I want you to know this: She’s actually mine. I’ll share though if I have to — and now I guess I have no choice since she was such a genius at the Grammy Awards last night. ____ Watch this to get your pants charmed off by this unassuming superstar-thang of a girl. Seriously: I predict that when you’re done watching this, you’ll… Read More