Date Archives April 2012

Confessions of an all-grown-up shy child

Yes, people. It’s true. I was shy child. Painfully shy. People who have only known me as an adult have a very hard time believing this. But it’s true. In fact, when I was small I was so shy that I would wrap myself around my mother’s leg and hide my face if anyone tried to talk to me. Being shy was a huge mental load. If you’ve never been crippling shy, it may be hard to understand the absolute terror and panic of someone talking to you, looking at you,… Read More

I’m tired of pretending I’m not special

Allow me  to sound like a fussy, pretentious asshole for a moment, won’t you? I feel self-important and persnickety saying that I’m an artist. But I am a writer. Yes, writing is an art. I know this. I also know that I’m not writing the great American novel here on the old bloggity. But I’m sure as hell doing something. I’m putting words down and they all have thoughts and feelings and sweat and blood underneath them. Sometimes I can slap some words down on the fly. But sometimes I can’t…. Read More


It’s 9:21. My house is a disaster. Most of my laundry is undone. That that is done is in piles in the basement. Because, you know, it’s helpful for all of us to have to run down there every time we need a pair o’ tushie huggers. Exercise and all that, right? Anyway, I’m tired. I was just going to write some half-assed, smart-assed Facebook status update about how I had decided that TODAY was going to be the start of the Next Chapter of My Life but it didn’t quite… Read More