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Why your friends think you’re a douchebag

Before I get into my real topic for today, I have to say this to CNN and FOX: Really, assholes? You got it WRONG? Listen, dudes. I write about employment law for a living. I read lots of court opinions every week. Compared to you, I have about four readers. But you know what? They’re paying me to get it right. It’s important to get things sort of, you know, correct-ish when you’re reporting about court rulings. That might be especially true when you’re reporting about rulings from the Supreme Court on one… Read More

Daughter, meet Mr. Sandusky

Every now and then I trip over a news story and I get stuck on it. I read everything I can on it. I become sort of embarassingly well-versed on the backstory — which I don’t quite realize until I’m talking about it with someone and they give me a look and ask, “How do you know so much about this?” Right now, it’s Jerry Sandusky. I wonder how it could’ve happened. I wonder how the victims are doing today — are they able to live normal lives? Are they… Read More

The Irishman: Day three-six-five

Dear Irishman, This day last year, I did not know you. I did not know that the very next day you would ask to meet me. I did not know that I would try very hard not to like you or that you would be so persistent in showing me how wonderful you are. I did not know that I would I have to make a choice between being a dating warrior, with all the appropriate defenses that a warrior might have, and putting down all that armor and just… Read More

The confounding conundrum of Father’s Day

Since I did such a spectacular job of shooting my mouth off over Mother’s Day, I thought I should try to even things out and make sure that I posted today. So first, let me say Happy Father’s Day to all the dadly dudes out there. I hope you enjoy your day with your kids. I hope you feel loved throughout the day, appreciated for all that you do and recommited to be a loving role model for your children. When I sat down to write this I asked myself,… Read More

I sold my kid short

Last Friday. Me in my daughter’s school gym. Ready to bust into a million scattered pieces all over the room from nervous energy. My little girl was going to sing in the school talent show. By herself. She’d worked on the song “Make it Shine” by Victoria Justice for weeks. I knew she was ready. Initially, I’d helped her prepare. We broke her performance down into steps: Learn the lyrics. Figure out the music cues when each verse starts. Lose the lyric sheet. Pretend to hold the microphone. Think about… Read More

My haunted house, part four

So things were quiet. Mostly. Yes, that lamp turned on when my mom was here but that was it for a while. And I find myself wanting to blow off electronic things. I suppose at this point I’ve watched enough Ghost Hunters to know that you have to look for another explanation first. There are too many things I don’t know about how lamps and clocks work to just go, “Ah ha! It’s paranormal!” But it was weird. And it’s hard to dismiss the fact that the only times I’ve… Read More