Posts made in October, 2012

I’m a massive book lover across many genres but I have to admit: My reading of fiction has suffered over the past few years. This has nothing to do — or at least little to do — with getting sucked into checking Facebook on my iPhone before bed instead of reading a book. The problem is this: I haven’t been able to get past those damn Harry Potter books. That story transported me so completely that everything...

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Check me out!

Posted By on Oct 23, 2012

Hey, blogmuffins! See that new blog bling I’ve got going on over there?  —-> has decided to feature one of my blog posts today! Check me out at under “What’s new” on the home page. (Not sure how long it will be there, so go NOW! What are you waiting for?) Thanks to Blogher for being totally awesome and sharing my work! Please be sure to check out for smart,...

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The pangs of sympathetic divorce

Posted By on Oct 12, 2012

Note: I wrote this more than a week ago. Certainly this situation aggravated the slow, acid-reflux burn of my own breakup. Feeling much better now than when I wrote it. No need to call the men with the white coats. You know, unless they’re single and cute … _____________ A marriage very close to me is breaking up. It’s so sad that I can’t bear it. Sad for everyone involved and sad for me, too. It all hits too...

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  My friend called me yesterday. “I, uh, just thought I’d call …” she stammered. I finished the sentence for her “… to make sure I’m not cutting into my arms?” I laughed. I’m not sure that she did. The people around me are worried about me. I spent about five days walking around this world feeling so fragile that had I not looked in a mirror I would’ve sworn that...

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Funeral for a friend

Posted By on Oct 7, 2012

Megan’s beloved hermit crab died the other week. She sobbed and sobbed over Isabella (whom Benjamin always delightfully referred to as “Mrs. Bella”). She cried in my arms when we found her deceased crustacean companion, and then again when we buried the tiny, now-exposed crabby body in the front flower bed. Megan used Isabella’s rainbow shell to mark the spot. After the burial Megan said to me rather...

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