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The exquisite pain of Boston and Sandy Hook

I needed to get away from the news yesterday. There were some potentially ugly clouds around here, but they looked like they were all talk so I went for a run. Just as I was rounding the last bend on a loop through a pretty, foresty sorta place I like to go, it started to rain. And then I remembered another time that it had started raining on a sunny day when I was running in that exact same spot: Right after Sandy Hook. That seemed appropriate because this picture… Read More

I’m only human

Peeps: I’m due for another Letter to Louie but I have to admit that the post that I’ve been working on for the past few days sorta sucks.  It’s not ready. In fact, this one might need to marinate for a while so I may hold it and start over with something else entirely. I love you all too much to ask you to read garbage, so let me regroup and put together something that’s worthy of your attention. In the meantime, why not entertain yourselves with this post about… Read More

Letters to Louie: Sex and the single momma

Dear Readers: This is another post in my Letters to Louie series, in which I write to the comedian Louis C.K. after having received an unmistakable sign from the Universe that we’re supposed to get married. While this letter is meant for Louie, since you’re already here you might as well read it too. Dear Louie, I got laid this weekend. Yes. I. Did. There was sex to be had and I was the one havin’ it. There were deeds to be done and I was the one doin’ em. Excuse me… Read More