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Letters to Louie: It’s time to talk about the D-word

This is another post in my series of letters to my future husband, Louis C.K. (Find out how our love story began here.)  Dear Louie, At some point we have to talk about it. Once of us has to take the Big Obvious Question, slap it on the counter like a butcher would a bloody carcass, and hand the other person a cleaver. We’ll see the level of merriment in each other’s eyes get turned down a notch, or several. Our voices will take on different tones.  We’ll both try… Read More

The beautiful ruins of a wedding anniversary

Eleven years ago today I walked down the aisle. It’s been four years since I celebrated this date. Shit happens. Yesterday I had to drive past the place where I got married. The venue went bankrupt not long before my marriage split up. Since then, it has fallen into neglect and disrepair. I was alone in the car so I decided to pull over and do a little trespassing.   Oy. Not so pretty. A little sad. I loved this place the first time I saw it. It had beautiful gardens in… Read More

Letters to Louie: Welcome back, celibacy (or) the Meg Ryan Effect

Hi readers. Once again, this post is not for you. It’s for my future husband, the comedian Louis C.K. You can find out how our love story began here. Since I probably can’t stop you from reading this, you might as well get to it. Dear Louie, I guess we need to talk about that last post, a.k.a. the sex post. I like to think of it as “the one where Trish rubs one out for all the Internet to see.” I’m sure you’re wondering what’s up with that guy… Read More