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Sorry readers!  That last post wasn’t a post. In my post-Blogher catchup frenzy (which is entirely different than a ketchup frenzy) I jotted down a few notes for a future post … and then I hit “publish” instead of “save.” Oy. So if you got a weird email from me, ignore that shit. Carry on. Nothing to see here.    

I’m not here

I’m not here right now. Why? Because I’m headed to Chicago for Blogher 13! It’s bound to be a shit show (at least, it will be if it’s anything like last year). Follow me on Twitter @singlemommaTSJ or on my Facebook  page to get my live updates. I’m scared for myself already. Smell ya later, peeps!    

Saturday Morning Gratitude

This morning I am thankful for all the complicated beauty that comes along with having people in my life, letting people into my heart and saying yes! when people invite me into theirs. Specific gratitude today for: My friend Maria. It’s her birthday. When I first met her, more than 23 birthdays ago, we sorta hated each other. I was like, “HEY WORLD! ARE THOSE YOUR BALLS? WELL THEY’RE MINE NOW!” Maria did not find my brashness charming. I thought she needed to come out of her shell and spent… Read More

Ask Trish: When do I trust my gut?

It’s time for Ask Trish! But first, THANKS for your questions. I actually have a bit of a queue at the moment. How cool are you people? (Answer: Super cool.) This week’s question is a follow-up from last week’s dating question. As a little update, our doubting dating diva from last week has reported that she’s doing the online dating thing and may even have a date coming up soon! Momma is so proud of her little chick! But now our darling girl has another question. Let’s get to it…. Read More

I’m glad I’m not black

My regular Thursday “Ask Trisk” feature will be up later today. I just had to post this first.  I’m glad I’m not black. Why? One reason: If I were, then my little four-year old son would grow into a black teenage boy someday. Being a black teenage boy in this country has to be a tough gig. For Trayvon Martin, it was fatal. It was for  Jordan Davis, too. Have you heard of him? I just did this morning, in this excellent article on Trayvon Martin, the NRA, and racial… Read More

The day I almost put my child in a dumpster

So who else went dumpster diving last weekend? Saturday was one of those high-intensity parenting days where the kids fought all day — loudly and with much enthusiasm — at home and in public. Mommy (that’s me) had no patience left. Mommy (again, me) had already texted this message to another mom who was bringing her son over for a playdate that evening: There is no beer in my house but if you would like to bring some I wouldn’t complain. She was all over that. Bless her. While the… Read More