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Dating. Why bother?

You’ve all heard plenty of my dating observations on the old bloggity over the years. Just wanted to share the view from the other side (of the country and the gender divide).

Here’s a piece from a single dad in LA breaking down the dating scene there. [I was struck by how driving/parking plays such a big part in whether or not you get some action at the end of the night. ;-)]

As I read it, I giggled at the familiar awkwardness that often accompanies first dates. I translated the LA-area courtship rituals and rules to the those of the greater Philly area. I had to cop to a few of my own tried-and-true dating maneuvers, such as how to avoid a goodnight kiss when I really don’t want one (say “It was great meeting you” on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant before he can offer to walk me to my car).

But my favorite takeaway from the article was this: “All of the recent scientific research … informs us that the only thing that strongly correlates with life-long happiness is the quality of our intimate relationships.”

So there, peeps. For all of you who won’t date, who don’t want to get hurt again, who have found it’s easier to stay home and watch Netflix than put yourself out there again (hello, Trish’s entire last year) … that’s why it’s worth it.

Keep a sense of humor about the bad dates. We’ve all had them. Then dust yourself off, put on some mascara and vow to date another day. Put in your time. You certainly won’t like everyone you go out with. Not everyone will like you. But that’s OK. Because the fact is,┬áit only takes one great date.

Just one.

Go forth and date, bitches! And lemme know if you want some help writing those online profiles — I’ll happily provide my services for the cost of cocktail or two.



Talking to myself at the end of a long day

And tonight I ask myself this: “Patricia, did we do a good job of modeling patience and understanding for our children tonight?”

And I answer: “Uh, no. No we didn’t.”

“Can we do better tomorrow?”

“I’ll try. But … they’re so whiny. And they argue so much …”

“Patricia …”

“And they never stop needing stuff. And I have so many other things to do. And there aren’t enough hours in the day …”


“What? You have to admit they were pretty mouthy tonight. I mean, I’m human. I have my breaking point.”

“Patricia Marie.


“Who’s the grownup here?”

“You are. I mean I am. I mean us. The people/person having this lunatic conversation.”

“Right. So can we do better tomorrow?”

“I guess so.”

“Good. Now forgive yourself and wake up tomorrow with a clean slate.”

“Fine. But I hate you for making me be the grownup all the time.”