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What else can go right? My trick for not wallowing in despair

Complaining can be an art form, doncha think? I really appreciate a well-worded kvetch. But it can also be dangerous if you act like it’s your second job. Hippie Trish wants to tell you to KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF. I was thinking that this morning, as I read yet another excellent post from Ralph Marston, The Daily Motivator. (Like him on Facebook to get a nice bit o’ wisdom and insight every morning — the man blows me away.) Today’s post was titled “Whatever you think.” It was about how… Read More

Seasons of love … and writing

Birds and flowers of the four seasons, part of the paintings on room partitions in the abbot’s quarters (hōjō) of Jukō-in of Daitoku-ji, Kyoto, Japan. Ink on paper. This picture shows four of 16 panels on fusuma (sliding doors) in the in the ritual room. The paintings have been designated as National Treasure of Japan in the category paintings. 16th century. By Kanō Eitoku and his father Kanō Shōei [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Do y’all know the musical Rent? Do yourselves a favor and go listen to “Seasons of… Read More