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You won’t believe how [blank] this [blank] is!

I’m so tired of all the videos floating around social media that say something like “Cutest [blank] ever!” “You won’t believe how [blank] this [blank] is!” “Don’t watch this without tissues!” Invariably, I watch these things and then wonder why I spent the time on something that just couldn’t live up to the hype. The one exception? Military parents coming home and surprising their kids. I watch every freakin’ one and yeah, usually I’m reaching for some tissues. Here’s the latest one, complete with an excruciating buildup, courtesy of a… Read More

If you have ovaries you should read this (spoiler: it’s not about cancer)

Have some ovaries? Or maybe even just one ovary? Or maybe you used to have ovaries? Whatever. My point is that female types should read the article below. (Psst … It’s nice for men, too. So look what I just did … I spent so much time writing needlessly about ovaries. Happens to the best of us.) Elizabeth Gilbert’s Advice to Women: Get Out of Your Own Way ________________ Click here to get future posts by delivered by email. Follow me on Facebook or on Twitter @Accdngtotrish.      

To all the recovering alcoholics and drug addicts: Thank you

This article popped up on the sidebar of a news article about Phillip Seymour Hoffman. It’s by Russell Brand, whom I’ve always thought is incredibly articulate and hilarious. (No comment on the Katy Perry thing.) Brand is also a recovering drug addict. In this article, he talks about life after getting clean. Having dated an alcoholic for more than a year, man, this piece hit home. Unless you’ve experienced it yourself (and I know many of you have) it’s pretty hard to imagine the pain associated with watching someone you care about,… Read More

Why I don’t care if you like me

So here’s the thing about me: I really don’t care if you like me. I actually really and truly don’t.   It’s not that I don’t want you to like to me. I actually want to be liked. I want you to think I’m friendly and helpful and funny and occasionally smart and mostly honest and authentically real as much as I can possibly be. But if you don’t think any of those things? Oh farking well. As my pal Sarah stated in her recent blog post, she’s having a hard… Read More