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A love letter to my weird little town

I often describe my town as “quirky” and “artsy.” However, there can be a lot of push and pull between the people who have lived here forever and who are immediately horrified by any changes to what they consider established institutions (basically anything they grew up with), and the “newbies” who envision a future P-ville as a progressive enclave out here in the wilds of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Nowhere is this power struggle more apparent than on the unofficial town Facebook page, where even the most innocuous of comments or observations can somehow start the equivalent of a social media fistfight.

My favorite was a post that said something like “Anyone know where I can get breakfast on Thanksgiving morning?” That poor question asker was assailed as anti-American for the mere suggestion that he not spend the day at home in quiet contemplation of his freedom and that he was pissing all over our forefathers’ graves by insisting that someone show up to work on a national holiday for the privilege of slinging his scrambled eggs.

Then the pendulum swung the other way, with some bleeding heart [who wasn’t me] pointing out that not everyone has family and many people may be spending the holiday alone. And then a waitress chimed in explaining that she appreciates people eating out on holidays, because otherwise she loses a day’s pay.

And then I’m pretty sure everyone met downtown behind the Colonial Theatre and beat the shite out of each other (hopefully after a raucous dance number involving lots of snapping in unison).

Tonight, one guy just nailed the spirit of our humble little Facebook page. He posted a question about a local cheesesteak joint that everyone thinks is great. He disagrees. And then he finished his post by saying “Let’s discuss like the bunch of dickheads we are.”

All hail Phoenixville, bitches. If you’re reading this, you could be home by now. 😉

Some Thoughts on Love on Valentine’s Day

The other day I saw a gangly, awkward teenage boy walking through Giant carrying an enormous heart-shaped box of chocolates. There were a million stories in that one image — his story, her story, everyone’s story of those first teenage crushes and the agonizing, innocent sweetness of young love.

Merriam Webster says love is “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person; attraction that includes sexual desire; the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship; a person you love in a romantic way.”

I don’t think that covers it. Love is a beautiful — and sometimes brutal — beast. It’s one of the most mysterious forces I can imagine. Like rocks in a stream, it can completely change the course of our lives. It alters our vision and filters how we process every experience.

I’m not much for the manufactured sappiness that often accompanies Valentine’s Day, but today I’m in awe of the awesome power of love.

Here’s to love, in all its indefinable, all-powerful magnificence. May we all celebrate the sweetness and the hard-won wisdom that it has brought to our lives — and no matter where we are in life, may we always keep the door open (at least just a crack) to allow love to come in and color our existences with its magic.