Date Archives February 2015

A love letter to my weird little town

I often describe my town as “quirky” and “artsy.” However, there can be a lot of push and pull between the people who have lived here forever and who are immediately horrified by any changes to what they consider established institutions (basically anything they grew up with), and the “newbies” who envision a future P-ville as a progressive enclave out here in the wilds of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Nowhere is this power struggle more apparent than on the unofficial town Facebook page, where even the most innocuous of comments or… Read More

Some Thoughts on Love on Valentine’s Day

The other day I saw a gangly, awkward teenage boy walking through Giant carrying an enormous heart-shaped box of chocolates. There were a million stories in that one image — his story, her story, everyone’s story of those first teenage crushes and the agonizing, innocent sweetness of young love. Merriam Webster says love is “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person; attraction that includes sexual desire; the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship; a person you love in a romantic way.” I don’t… Read More