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The Death of My Writing Career

Once, years ago when I was married, we found mouse poop in the garage. We put out some traps and Voila! one day, one of the traps did its thing. Sort of. While it did, indeed, trap the mouse, it did not kill it. So the top half of the mouse was writhing around while the bottom half was disgustingly smushed. The mouse squealed loudly. In fact, its loud agony is what drew us to the garage in the first place that day. “We have to put it out of… Read More

Hope Springs Eternal — And Also, Out of My Neighbors’ Yard

Ever notice how water generally has little regard for the plans of people? The creek that carves a gash across our property clearly has no concern that it doesn’t belong in the middle of a suburban yard. The chasm it creates is deep and unruly, making any hope of achieving a regular-looking lawn impossible. But the creek just goes about its business, shooting a casual “eff you” to the deliberate landscaping of the neighboring homes as it winds its way into the woods. I so am thankful for the long-ago homeowner who decided to just let the creek BE. Rather than… Read More