Date Archives March 2016

My Lifelong Struggle With Procrastination: Part 1

We all have that bottle of toilet-tank vodka, don’t we? You know what I mean … they say that alcoholics often hide their drinking because they’re ashamed of it. And according to every made-for-TV movie that ever featured someone with a drinking problem, the toilet tank is a prime hidey hole for hard liquor. That is, at least until someone needs to repair the toilet. Then, uh oh! Turns out Mrs. Garrett really was self medicating all those years … So maybe we’re not all stashing a bottle of Rumpel Minz in the crapper, but… Read More

My Super Weird Obsession That is Coming to a Sad End

This post is weird and embarrassing. But so be it. My brain does this thing where every now and then it gets stuck on something. Usually it’s something random that has nothing to do with my life. But next I thing I know, I suddenly go all Civil War Re-enactory on it and I  find myself researching it obsessively. Then, yes, I’ll talk about it this thing too much … until I realize that I sound like a nut. I then attempt to reverse course in mid-conversation because what on earth am I doing walking around knowing… Read More