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Cool stuff I found out about Prince

You guys. Prince. Shit. What can I say that a million people haven’t already said? Well, I guess I could say this (which is what I posted on Facebook the other day): I mean zero disrespect when I say this, but I hope we find out that Prince died with a peacock up his butt or something. I mean, it’s Prince. [Also, to those closest to me in this lifetime: When I die, please shove a peacock up my butt. I’d like to make people wonder.] [Also, it would be… Read More

Confessions of a thought hoarder and chronic procrastinator

Part 2 of my series detailing my lifelong struggle with procrastination: Let’s talk about ADD (Missed part one? Well, here it is, baby!) The first time I remember blowing off studying was in the 5th grade. I had a social studies test coming up. I knew I should study, but I just didn’t. It was springtime. I was busy playing outside and homework was boring. When the tests were graded, the teacher hung up the A and B papers on the bulletin board. In the top row, I saw my friends’ tests with… Read More