Posts made in October, 2016

Halloween is next week and that always puts me in the mood for some kooky spookiness. You too? I have three book recommendations for you … but one of them you should definitely not read if you plan to carry on with your life as you have known it until now. (Seriously. It will fuck your shit up. I’m not kidding.) Let’s start with light and enjoyable and then work our way up to shitting yourself in horror, shall we?...

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Fighting the bad thoughts

Posted By on Oct 18, 2016

I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room. Not much sleep last night and then I got here at 6 AM to meet with my mom’s docs. She’s been in here a week after open heart surgery. She’s getting a pacemaker today and hopefully should be able to go home tomorrow. I’m having bad thoughts today. Not about my mom’s health, because she seems to be doing well. Rather, I’m having bad thoughts about the...

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