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Things You Should Not Do Today

Let’s be cranky this morning shall we? Here’s a list of things you should not do today: Come downstairs after rolling out of bed, give me the onceover (in my too-big jeans, baseball cap, and sweatshirt that I threw in the dark so I could take a kid to school in the rain) and declare “That’s a look” while sporting just-got-up Heat Miser hair. Write an article about “insanely awesome” healthy after-school snacks and include things like kalamata olives with grape tomatoes and sea salt. You have clearly never met a child. Write an… Read More

#MeToo — My Totally Ordinary No-Big-Deal Sexual Assault

During my sexual assault, I had a few minutes to think about how I wanted things to go. Sure, there was the distraction of the guy’s tongue in my mouth and his body pressing me against the wall … and the fact that one of his hands was on one of my boobs … but knowing that his mind was otherwise occupied meant I had a few minutes to plan. I thought about grabbing a lamp and bashing him over the head. But the problem was, he’d smushed me against the wall… Read More