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Best Gift Idea for a 7 Year-Old Boy (Or Any Kid Who Loves Minecraft)

I never write product posts. This is not that sorta blog. So you’re probably expecting me to be snarky or something here.

But surprise! I just have to share this with you because the holiday season is coming up and you probably need present ideas that don’t suck. Ohmygoodgawd do I hate buying something for my kids and then tossing it out a year later after it’s been played with twice.

If you know me, you know that I lack the gift-giving gene. I am beyond remedial. In fact, I often completely forget that arriving with a gift in hand for certain occasions is expected.

More than once, I’ve been in the car on the way to someone’s housewarming party — usually running 10-20 minutes late — when I realize that I have failed to procure a housewarming present. Then I frantically look around my car to see if there’s anything that could be considered “presenty.”

(Once there actually was. That’s why, to this day, my go-to gift for every housewarming party is a plunger. Tie a big happy bow around the handle and you’ll be the hit of the party.)

Here’s the info you want

My (not so) wee little son turned 7 yesterday and I actually got him something amazing! (Go ME!!!)

It’s creative!

And not annoying!

He hasn’t stopped playing with it!

I feel like I already got my money’s worth.

What is this miracle product? It’s the MineCraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio.

I made a stop-motion movie in college. It took approximately one million hours and 10 million curse words to churn out a 6-minute short in which several Fisher-Price Little People met their tragic ends.

But last night, Benjamin and I made 3 movies in about 30 minutes. Then I had to go attend to something else and he made one completely on his own.

This morning, he made this one totally by himself. It has a plot and everything. (It’s called Finley because he made it for his friend.)


I am totally wowed by technology.

Since this is sort of product review-y, I guess I should also tell you that you need a non-ancient smartphone or tablet for this so you can download the movie app. You can edit, add sound effects and do all kinds of other fun things right in the app.

I was worried that this might be one of those toys that would require me to provide constant assistance, but the product reviews I read before I bought it said otherwise. They did not lie. This toy officially rocks.

Hope you find this helpful.

Disclosure so I don’t feel like a slimeball about this: I participate in the Amazon Associates program, which means that Amazon throws some spare change and a few crinkled up gum wrappers at me if people buy stuff from my links.

Please note, however, that I am committed to only whoring myself out for booze or gummy bears (or compliments if I’m having a “Trish is feeling ugly” sorta day). I don’t plan on turning my site into a product blog. If I link to something, it’s because I seriously dig the crap out of it and think you might like it, too. (For example, I would never suggest you buy this, or this, or this.)

Merry Thanksgiving!


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