Cabin Fever: Sweating out the beast

February 7, 2010

Oh, Cabin Fever. You are a clingy beast. You already destroyed my January with all the various illnesses around here. You even went so far as to go after my birthday. Now I tell you this: YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY FEBRUARY! Cabin Fever, you might as well be a snake oil salesmen with all…

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Gay People of America: I wouldn’t do that if I were you

February 2, 2010

Dear Gay People of America, I want to give you some advice as a friend and a long-time supporter of the gay community: Think twice before you push this marriage thing too far. Because you just might get what you ask for. Here’s the thing: You’re already losing your novelty. There was a time when, if…

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Totally not worth your time

January 27, 2010

This blog hiatus brought to you by Sinus Infection™. For those times when a head cold is just snot enough. I have at least 3 or 4 totally mind-blowing posts in the works. But I can’t blow your minds right now because I’m too busy blowing my nose. And before I was blowing my nose, I…

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Free to be you and me, bitches

January 12, 2010

I think my blog readers need a nickname. I feel affection toward you so I’m thinking of something sweet and warm and soft like blogmuffins. I considered blogheads but it sounds too much like blackheads and … yuck. Suggestions? Today I decided to cheat just a bit and not write something totally new. In the…

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High adventure: Suburban mom style

January 8, 2010

A few mornings ago I wasn’t where I said I’d be. Hee hee heee….! I just took off! With no real plans, no real goal other than to be aimless for a bit. There was a bit of danger, a bit of intrigue and a bit of too much coffee and a bit too few…

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Look out, 2010! I have some big plans for you. Big. Plans.

December 30, 2009

Yes, yes, yes. It’s time. You know you sorta hate resolutions but you also sorta can’t help yourself. So here are my big plans for 2010. Gain no more than 15 pounds before January 14. (I like to start with something achievable.) Change underwear every day. First thing every morning, no matter what the weather, get…

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