‘Tude Day 3: [Insert witty and attention-grabbing headline here]

November 5, 2012 / 0 Comments

Peeps. Blogmuffins. Youz guys (shout out, Jersey!). Momma is tired. But I have promises to keep. To you. To me. To the blogosphere. So here I sit. Besides, there is true gratitude to share today. I spent the day helping my older sister — a single momma for more than eight years now — move…

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The Gift of Not-Enough

November 4, 2012 / 3 Comments

November. The month of gratitude! It’s Day 2 for me — I’m supposed to tell you something I’m grateful for. But today sucked. Left, right and center, it was one big, fat suckhole of a day. It started off with a difficult conversation with my daughter, in which I said about every wrong thing I…

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