Double-Check Me Fellow Liberals: Franken Resigned Too Soon

Double-Check Me Fellow Liberals: Franken Resigned Too Soon

Give me a gut check on this apparently unpopular opinion that I hold.

I think Franken’s resignation was premature. It shut down the opportunity to go ahead and have the ethics investigation, which I think would’ve been useful.

These allegations do not rise to the level of the other harassment we’ve been hearing about, and they also do not seem particularly well substantiated. I’m also very bothered by the fact the first allegation seems to have sprung from a Roger Stone acquaintance, and was first aired on a TV station partially owned by the Mercers. (Fact check me here if you want to … read something about this late last night.)
In trying to prove a point about how g-d moral we Dems are, and how we believe all women, I fear that we failed to do our due diligence on this one. So what happens now? Are we going to turn our circular firing squad on every other Congressional member who ever acted like an ass at any time in his past? Because this will happen again. And now that the GOP knows that the Dems will oust someone over unproven allegations, they most certainly smell blood in the water.
I always say that the only people dumber than Republicans are Democrats. Republicans are already looting our country. They’re not going to suddenly start holding their people accountable just because we are. As someone said on Twitter today, these are people who have shown they cannot be shamed.
Also, I think the #metoo movement is very powerful and I’m grateful these conversations are happening. But I don’t want to believe all women to the point where it is unacceptable to question a woman’s account of supposed harassment. People lie sometimes.
Look at the sting operation with The Washington Post and the woman who lied about Roy Moore. It’s just plain stupid to pretend that in this politically charged environment that everyone is honest all the time. Let’s not let the #metoo movement shut down the opportunity for reasonable and deliberate investigation. Feminism should be an intelligent enough movement that we can handle difficult and nuanced conversations without lobbing people’s heads off.
Is Franken a disgusting lech who was faking his feminist credentials all along? I just don’t know. But I sure would’ve liked to have had a better idea about it before seeing him railroaded out of Congress.

I welcome your dissenting viewpoints if you disagree.

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