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Resting Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Care

I posted this on Facebook last Friday morning, when I was feeling the weight of allll the things. Thought I’d share here.

Hi everyone. What a week. We’ve been pummeled with awful news every day and the hits just keep coming.

I am frayed to my core. I know a lot of you are, too.

I just want to take a moment to say I love you all. I’m proud of so many friends and strangers for speaking out this week, maybe for the first time. I’m proud of the people who are going “Shit! How did I not know all of this was going on?” and then, instead of looking away, looking deeper. I’m proud of all the people who are not saying “Not my problem,” but who, instead are saying “This is humanity’s problem. We’re in this together.”

I’m so proud of the black and brown community for lovingly welcoming white folks to the fight, even though we’re late, we’re waaay behind on our homework, and we’re driving you nuts with white-people questions. You have shown us far more grace than we have earned.

Today’s news cycle has already vomited up multiple stories that have made me sad and angry. I will not look away from what is happening, but on this day I have made a commitment to find some positive, uplifting things to focus on. Today, I will see the clouds and remember that no matter what the sky is doing above my head, the sun is always shining.

If you’re tired in your body and your soul, please friends, show yourself some compassion today or through the weekend. Unplugging really does help (even though I’m generally awful at it). This whole mess will be here when you get back. Unfortunately, that’s a certainty. But we have to remember our OWN humanity, too.

We were all running on fumes before all this started. Rest. Laugh if you can (even I’m finding this hard right now and I laugh at everything). Indulge in a little escapism. Remember that doing something to recharge your batteries doesn’t mean you don’t care, it just means that you’re fortifying yourself to be useful on the other side.

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