Zen and Teenagers Do Not Mix

Zen and Teenagers Do Not Mix


I‘ve recently decided to let go of being the laundry police for the preteens and teens in this house. If people don’t put their clothes away … whatever. That’s on them.

My only rule is this: You must return all laundry baskets from your room before I will do more laundry for you.

This felt like a no-stress, Zen-style approach. This felt like a way to make them more accountable and self reliant. It felt like win for me.

And now I realize the thing that probably should’ve been entirely predictable. At least one of the teens is perfectly fine with just continually plucking clothes out of her hamper and wearing them.

As weeks have gone by without me doing her laundry, this has made me feel considerably less Zen.

How does one stay above it all with teenagers when they are intent on screwing with your Zen?

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  1. Gigi Rambles on December 8, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    I’d turn their laundry – all of it – over to them. Yes, the one will be perfectly content to continue to pluck clothes out of the hamper until the clothes have a ripe odor. That will be their problem, not yours.

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