Date Archives February 2010

Body Image: a tale of a fry and a potato

A facebook buddy of mine just joined the gym. She is reporting all of those mixed-gym feelings I always get when I go through a gym spurt — trying to feel motivated and proud but also feeling like I’m giving a presentation to my colleagues and I neglected to put on pants first. Gym anxiety can be tough stuff. My friend’s recent status updates reminded me of something I wrote a few years ago about an experience at the gym. So I thought I’d share it with you all, dear blogmuffins. The Anorexic… Read More

Hot buttered rum, emphasis on the “butt”

Last night I lived out a childhood fantasy. At a young age, my mom indoctrinated my sisters and I to movie musicals. Every Christmas we gathered round the tube to watch Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas — all the while wondering why such a beautiful young woman would ever fall for such an old geezer. I’m still scratching my head over that one, but I suspect it was the voice. Ah, that voice. Chicks dig musicians. In one scene, Bing and Rosemary are flirting over a plate… Read More

Cabin Fever: Sweating out the beast

Oh, Cabin Fever. You are a clingy beast. You already destroyed my January with all the various illnesses around here. You even went so far as to go after my birthday. Now I tell you this: YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY FEBRUARY! Cabin Fever, you might as well be a snake oil salesmen with all of your false claims of coziness and rest. But I, stupidly, somehow still get excited about your arrival. I think how of much fun it’s going to be to get good and snowed in. I start making… Read More

Gay People of America: I wouldn’t do that if I were you

Dear Gay People of America, I want to give you some advice as a friend and a long-time supporter of the gay community: Think twice before you push this marriage thing too far. Because you just might get what you ask for. Here’s the thing: You’re already losing your novelty. There was a time when, if I had a friend who was homosexual, I thought of the person as my “gay friend.” I was proud to have a gay friend because it said something about me to the rest of the… Read More