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Trish Sammer is a middle-aged writer and editor living in Bucks County, PA.

When she’s not writing about herself in third-person, you can find her questioning her life choices because she has no other hobbies worth listing on pages such as this.

As the self-proclaimed voice of the Gen X generation, Trish has no plans to update this blog with any regularity because what’s the fucking point? But if she accidently becomes a literary hero, that would be fine, too (assuming that title comes with health insurance; could someone please forward the benefits plan?).

In the meantime, enjoy clicking on her affiliate links or sending her money through Patreon so she can hopefullymaybewhoarewekidding retire someday without being a burden on her children.


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  1. Harry Avatar

    Hi Trish
    I came across your blog while randomly browsing reedit. It was delightfully refreshing. Although I do not understand all the American references in your jokes but it was funny nevertheless. On a whim I decided to go and checkout your book as well. It seems little involved exercise to buy a hard copy on my side of the world. I might settle for eBook. Keep writing. Wherever we are in the world we need the humour of your kind. It makes the life more sufferable.

    1. Trish Avatar

      Thank you so much for your kind words. You gave me a huge smile. Hope things are going well for you wherever your “side of the world” is!

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