TrishSammerHeadshotLast updated April 8, 2016.

Hello! I’m Trish. I’m a 40-something lady human. I live outside of Philly, yo. (That’s how we talk around here.)

Lemme give you some basics. I have:

  • A fiance’ named Joe
  • Two kids that I birthed and have managed to keep alive and also not lose for, like, a bunch of years now
  • Two soon-to-be stepkids (is there a name for that?)
  • Two grown-up people who call my fiance’ “dad” even though he’s technically their stepdad, but it feels weird to call them my stepkids because they are adults … and also because I have never been married or engaged to either of their parents … but YAY for things that defy categorization!
  • A love for ridiculousness
  • A career as a freelance writer, in which I sometimes get paid to pretend to be other people (that is, I do a lot ghostwriting)
  • Lots of deep thoughts, which I sometimes share here on this blog when I’m not busy procrastinating
  • Lots of advice for everyone, whether they want it or not (yes, including you)




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