Hello! I'm Trish Sammer. I've been boring people with this blog since 2009. Welcome!

I have a self-published book that I put out on Amazon a little while ago, mostly to see if I could write a book. (Apparently I could.)

Now I'm working on a second book—a memoir all about divorce, single motherhood, and learning all kinds of things about myself in the process. It's like Eat, Pray, Love, but with a whole lot less globetrotting and a whole lot more car seats.

As I write this in October 2018, I'm 46. I live in Bucks County, PA, in a house that was built in 1880. We live (literally) around the corner from a library and two museums. It's a pretty sweet location, even though the house could use a whole bunch of updates.

I married my favorite person in the whole world last February. His name is Joe. It was marriage #2 for each of us.

I have two bio kids. (This is a term people apparently use these days in the age of the blended family ... who knew?) Joe also has two bio kids. (You know, the more I use this term the more I hate it. It reminds me of "biohazard" or when people say they're going to take a "bio break." This is not a term that should be applied to children, for gawd's sake. Everyone: Stop using this term right now. Use better words.) Suffice it to say that some days there are six of us rattling around this place. Some days there are four. Some days there are just two.

Joe also has two adult stepchildren from his first marriage whom he pretty much raised, so he just calls them his kids rather than his stepkids.

Our family confuses people. It sometimes confuses us. Luckily, I find great amusement in awkward situations, so all of this delights me.

I've been a freelance writer/editor for ... what? Fourteen years now? I don't even know. Doing this work for so long, and for so many different clients, means that I have a vast array of accumulated knowledge about all sort of random things, which makes me an excellent (if not a little bit weird) cocktail party guest. Invite me to your next shindig if you want to chat about your rights to pump breastmilk at work, the New Jersey electrical grid, or diversity in Silicon Valley. I can also give you precise directions on exactly how to create your own corn maze. It's not as hard as it sounds, assuming you have a cornfield and a tractor.

I love to hear from readers, so give me a shout if you have something to share. Email me at trish@accordingtotrish.com.

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