Date Archives December 2010

A Christmas Miracle

Who wants to hear some bellyaching from Trish on Christmas Eve? Didn’t think so. On this day I wanted to share with you a story that is the closest thing to a Christmas Miracle that I have ever participated in. (In observance of the holiday, this will be a completely snark-free message. I will resume regular programming after Christmas.) I just completed¬† a food drive that I run every year to benefit some kids in Philly who are so poor that they literally have no food to eat when the… Read More

Marriage? No thanks. I already ate.

Right now I’m laying on bed with my head propped up on some pillows and my laptop perched right on top of the old ovaries. Now a little while ago, I wouldn’t have been in this position because I wouldn’t want all that WiFi jizz floating around in the air so close to all the baby-making-and-carrying paraphenalia inside my abdomen. But as I have plans to get myself spayed like a dog in the very near future, I’m not so worried about it anymore. Is this entry off to a… Read More