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I am going to be mad for a while

Posted By on Nov 9, 2016

I first heard the yowl at 9:37 PM last night . “MOTHERFUCKERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!” It was coming out of my own mouth. I was surprised at how loud it was. As I walked into the kitchen, I pictured hurling my wine glass at the brick fireplace. Gawd, that would’ve felt so good. The election was fucking me over. America, and my fellow citizens, were fucking me over. The election process, the media, and my new neighbor on the...

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You guys … I am a farking sorcerer. I can predict the future. For example, I can tell you exactly what’s going to happen after I post this blog. I’m going to get pummeled with arguments from various people who are going to tell me that Hillary/Killary is a crook and should be in jail. (Hello, cousin Bobby and Aunt Pam! Hope the weather is nice in whatever reality you’re inhabiting today. I love you even though...

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