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You’re Only Get Older and Uglier

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“A refreshing, hilarious voice… Practical, useful advice for single moms… Laugh-out-loud humor…”

You’re Only Getting Older and Uglier

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If you’re a single mom, dating while mothering probably seems about as easy changing your tampon while rollerskating. But if you want love — and who doesn’t? — you need to get back out in the dating world sooner or later.

“You’re only getting older and uglier … might as well get out there now!” is what Trish Sammer used to tell herself when she was feeling reluctant about online dating as a single mom in her late 30s and then early 40s.

Here, in this irreverent guide to online dating for single moms, Sammer delivers the pep talk of the century for women who are scared to get back into the dating world. Then, she follows it up with real-world advice on everything from how to set up an online dating profile to how to get in the right mindset to find the love of your life.

You’re Only Getting Older and Uglier is your laugh-out-loud, straight-talk guide to finding the love you deserve.

What do readers have to say?

Five Stars

Trish is freaking hilarious! If you need a laugh, and some solid online dating advice, this is the book!

Fantastic read!

Great dating advice written with humor and honesty! Reading this book gives you the confidence to get back out there because you know she’s been there and it’s freakin’ hilarious. A must read for anyone considering get themselves out in the dating world again!

Fun and Wise!

It’s like talking to a girlfriend. One who has been there, done that, and is sharing her wisdom. You laugh out loud and be inspired. Trish is a relatable writer who gets it and is willing to dish. Grab a glass of wine, kick up your feet, and enjoy!

Wry and helpful advice from someone who’s been there

Like a hilarious girlfriend who only wants you to be happy, Sammer dishes real talk and practical advice for putting yourself out there. The only thing missing from this helpful guide is the ability to text her a picture of your outfit so she can give you her opinion on what you’re wearing for your next date.

Pretty sure this was written just for me!

This was great! As someone in the midst of divorce and getting back out into dating it was super timely. Very funny and totally relatable! Trish is a great writer and hit home with everything in this book!

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