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How you might be driving yourself crazy

A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity. – Franz Kafka (Note to Mr. Kafka: I understand today is your birthday. You don’t look a day over … very, extremely dead.) ——- How often do you sit down and try to dissect the core of your being? For me it’s about every five minutes. Yes, I know and I agree: That’s probably excessive. But this is the way my brain... read more

Let’s re-launch this thang!

Welcome. I am so excited you’re here, peeps. So what’s going on around this joint? Well, the old bloggity has been in need of a makeover for a long, long time. I’ve spent the  past few weeks getting her all pretty for you so you can enjoy her even more. Some changes are obvious, some are subtle (but cool), and some are a little bit scary (for me) but should hopefully yield some... read more

Gratitude for faith and rituals from a non-religious hippie

Housekeeping note: Many of you have probably noticed that I changed the entire design of the bloggity a few days ago. I’m not sure that I’m loving this design either… Stay tuned for more possible changes and excuse the mess if things get a little wonky in the meantime. ___ Well, crap. I don’t have a pre-defined topic for gratitude today. Let’s make it up as we go along... read more

Check me out!

Hey, blogmuffins! See that new blog bling I’ve got going on over there?  —-> has decided to feature one of my blog posts today! Check me out at under “What’s new” on the home page. (Not sure how long it will be there, so go NOW! What are you waiting for?) Thanks to Blogher for being totally awesome and sharing my work! Please be sure to check out... read more

I’m tired of pretending I’m not special

Allow me  to sound like a fussy, pretentious asshole for a moment, won’t you? I feel self-important and persnickety saying that I’m an artist. But I am a writer. Yes, writing is an art. I know this. I also know that I’m not writing the great American novel here on the old bloggity. But I’m sure as hell doing something. I’m putting words down and they all have thoughts and... read more

A year in the life of a motherblogger

Hey! Guess what, bloggermuffinheads? It’s been a year! I JUST realized that I am now starting my 13th month of According to Trish. WOW! Thanks and big hugs to all of my readers. I can’t tell you what it means to me that people actually come to this site and spend precious moments of their day reading my silly drivel. I LOVE the emails you send me, so keep ‘em coming because they keep me... read more

Get on the board

It’s a rainy, quiet Sunday morning and I’m all cozied up in the camper with the kidsters at the shore. Stealing a quick few minutes to write before B wakes up (enjoying this time but really, really hoping that he’s not dead — he never sleeps this late). What a difference a year makes. That is quite an understatement. Last year around this time we  came here for a weekend on what... read more

Life is not American Idol

I am having what Oprah calls a full-circle moment.   I’m sitting in a certain coffeehouse near-ish to my home. I was writing about something else and it wasn’t going well. Then they put Jeffrey Gaines on the sound system. (Do you know him? You should…) It occurred to me that it was RIGHT HERE, one table away from where I’m sitting right now, when I saw Jeffrey Gaines perform for... read more