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Food, friends, foraging … it’s Thanksgiving, bitches (or) a happy post about things that are nice

Is this critter dead or just napping in a puddle of Orange Crush(TM)?

Hello bitches. I mean “peeps.” Really, I’m trying to curb my bitch-calling habit. It’s so hard because I get such joy from it. I don’t know why.

Listen, I can’t figure myself out tonight. Can someone else go psycho-analyze that and get back to me?

So guess what? It’s gratitude time, bi … uh … bittycakes. See how that’s nearly not as much fun as bitches?

Anyway, that blogging-every-day-this-month thing sure didn’t work out so well, huh? First it was due to tech issues and then the fairygodmother of cash-money came down and claimed my ass in a very aggressive manner. I love it when she gets forceful like that.

Right now, today — and the last few days, really — I’m in a little sweet spot before the next cycle of Complete and Utter Madness begins. (I so wish I could say “Udder Madness” instead but this job has nothing to do with teets, unfortunately. Maybe next time.)

So let’s get to some gratitude while we’ve got the time.

In no particular order, I am grateful for:

1. My mom, who is the shining star of my life and the great unsung hero of our family. Plus, she’s so cute I just want to shrink her down and carry her around in my pocket.

2. The way I can sneakily (is too a word) bury my face in my kids’ hair and just breathe them in when they don’t realize what I’m doing. I am aware that the days of them allowing me to openly nuzzle them are numbered.

3. Have I blogged since Thanksgiving? I guess not. So here I will say, damn, my momma can cook. And since apparently when you are exhausted your body attempts to stay alert by demanding more fuel, let’s just say this: I totally won Thanksgiving this year. For the first time ever, I was the last one at the table. It was astonishing — especially since for the week prior, I was too busy to get a proper shower or proper sleep, never mind get to the store for proper grocery shopping. By the end of that wave of madness, I was schlepping around the house like a greasy, overgrown, flannel-clad raccoon, foraging through the kitchen for leftover Halloween candy and any meals that came wrapped in plastic. A table full of hot, delicious food made me happy in ways that were nearly obscene.

4. INSPIR-fucking-RATION. (Pretend there’s only one R there. It looked weird without two.)For a looong time I’ve been scribbling and note-taking and plotting and planning for this book that’s been rattling around inside my head. The other night, in some sort of cosmic magic … there she was, the beginning of what I’ve been trying to get my head around for more than two years. It was one of those total “in the zone” sorta nights and I was giggly and happy and proud … and so, so thankful. I’m excited to see what’s next.

5. My peeps! Saw two great friends over the weekend. Spent lots of time with family, including a cousin from Massachusetts whom I rarely get to hang with. Also, went running with one friend who’s been at it for a while — was nervous that she was going to smoke me but I kept up. So proud.

6. Good news. A friend of mine who’s hit some hard times recently just scored a much-needed job. My heart smiled.

7. Anyone who took a few minutes out of their life to read this. Damn, you’re pretty.

Kisses and hugs from me, bittycakes.

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