Posts made in June, 2012

My haunted house, part four

Posted By on Jun 8, 2012

So things were quiet. Mostly. Yes, that lamp turned on when my mom was here but that was it for a while. And I find myself wanting to blow off electronic things. I suppose at this point I’ve watched enough Ghost Hunters to know that you have to look for another explanation first. There are too many things I don’t know about how lamps and clocks work to just go, “Ah ha! It’s paranormal!” But it was weird....

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My haunted house, part three

Posted By on Jun 6, 2012

Another ghostie postie — the story continues. You can read parts one and two here. (Or more precisely, back there. You know what I mean.) _______ A few weeks ago the Irishman’s kid was playing with a bow and arrow and accidentally shot himself right under the eye. Blood spewed from his face and he dropped to the ground. I sent one of the kids across the street to get a neighbor who’s a nurse. I was trying hard not to...

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My ghost story continues … click here to read part one. —— So I did my hippie magic and all was quiet for probably more than a year. One day I tried to quickly shut the bathroom door and it didn’t close all the way. It popped back open, as if the wood was swollen and preventing the door from fitting properly into the door frame. Not in a supernatural way, just in a regular old door way. So maybe that whole door...

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