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Ask Trish: What is the answer to the essential question of life?



Peeps, I’m drowning as I try to catch up after being at Blogher last week but I can’t let another Thursday go by without an Ask Trish post.

Let’s get to it.


Do we ever really know our purpose? Do we ever really know who we really are?


TRISH’S IFW (Infinite Fucking Wisdom):

This question — actually questions — are the most delicious mind fuck. Why? Because … well, watch this.

Do we ever really know our purpose? Yes. The obvious, unspoken followup to that is: So then what is it?

It’s this: To find out who you really are and to express that.

Do we ever really know who we really are? I think so. I think we can know this. The obvious and unspoken followup to that is: How?

Like this: By living our purpose.

See? Soooo tasty.


Choosing your choice


And now, let’s welcome Hippie Trish to the party. She’s chomping at the bit to take a crack at this. 

Imagine that you’re one of those car guys. You know, those guys who know all kinds of seemingly trivial bullshit like what sorts of trim were used in different models, what kinds of … uh, engine items were included in the engine area during different years of production.

Anyway, get that guy in your head. Imagine that guy finally gets his hands on the car he’s been craving for years. He spends a few weeks driving it and then realizes … fuuuuck. This car is not what he thought it was going to be. But by now, he’s in the car culture. He’s driven to hot rod shows and looked under lots of hoods and talked lots of car lingo and found that he really wants something else.

So what does he do? He trades it in and gets something else. This time, he falls in love. He spends every spare second in the driveway tinkering with that thing. He restores. He modifies. He upgrades. In becoming a car aficionado, he has discovered that there will always be a way to make his ride better, faster, sleeker.


Upgrade your life


Now let’s talk about you, my luscious little reader. You need to be the aficionado of your own life.

Imagine you’re the car guy and this car is your life purpose. Remember: You’re not getting something because it’s practical or because it’s what everyone else has or because it’s what your mom drove. Your sole criteria is to get something  makes you feel ultimate freedom when you’re sitting behind the wheel belting out tunes when  no one else can hear you.

Ask yourself this: Are you driving a life you love? A better question is: Are you even on the road?

There is a magic in starting. Just start. Get a car and get on the road. Don’t wait to have the perfect car. Don’t think you have to figure out where all the cup holders should be or what kind of oil to use. Just make your best guess and embrace being on the road. If you don’t like the car you picked, look around and see what else looks good to you. Find the people who speak the same lingo as you. They’ll give you ideas that will help you clarify what’s important to you. Small decisions based on authentic truths can lead to Bigger Knowing, like knowing who you are and how you want to travel through this life.

When you find your car, modify, restore, tinker. Know that little tweaks can bump up your satisfaction with your choice.

Just remember that you’ll never get anywhere if you let yourself get paralyzed by indecision in the showroom.


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3 responses to “Ask Trish: What is the answer to the essential question of life?”

  1. Maria Avatar

    Love the analogy! I am on the road in a clunker, but always keeping my eye out for other vehicles.

  2. Nicole NA Avatar

    LOL! I love the IFW section. Really tricky huh?

    Am I driving a life I love? Up until reecntly, no, I wasn’t. But that is my new purpose: to drive that life I love up the hill until the wheels fall off.

    And Maria, I hope you upgrade to that 2013 Lexus or whatever soon:-)

    1. Trish Avatar

      Drive until the wheels fall off! I love it!

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