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Ask Trish: What Should I do About my Haunted House, part two

This edition of Ask Trish is a two parter. Read the first part here.


WOW. This is a hard question.

I feel for you so much. I know I was freaking out when I thought things were talking to my kids — and your activity waaaaay surpasses anything that happened here.

It’s time to start looking for some outside help. This might sound crazy, but if I were you I’d get in touch with the people from the TV show The Dead Files. They’re always looking for places to investigate. I like them because they don’t just walk around trying to get EVPs or prove or disprove anything. They recognize that they’re often dealing with families in crisis. They usually give people an action plan of how to deal with whatever is going on. Here’s their “help” link:

I feel like referring to you a TV show is supremely lame but that’s my best advice.

If the lead time is going to take forever with them, I also know of some reputable psychics that may be able to provide some guidance. Let me know if you want me to hook you up with anyone. (Yes, apparently Hippie Trish has an entire cadre of psychics. Who sounds like the nut now?)

Unforseen help

One thing that was accidentally helpful over here was to have a psychic friend do a walkthrough. (Interesting aside: Right before she came over I heard a big crash, like a mountain of stuff had just fallen over. I then went through the whole house and nothing was out of place.) There was no activity while she was here. She picked up several different spirits and had a few insights into what they were doing here. She didn’t try to drive anyone out, but over the next several weeks I realized that it had been a long time since anything had happened. I was sitting in the kitchen with my then-boyfriend and I said, “You know, it just feels different now. It feels like something changed.” He said he’d noticed it, too.

This psychic pal of mine also offered to speak to my daughter, but I haven’t taken her up on it yet. I wanted to see what she came up with in the house first … and then things got so quiet that I never followed up on it. In any case, though, I’d highly recommend a chat with this woman because she’s wonderful with kids and may be able to help you figure out how to help your children deal with this. (Incidentally, she’s a highly gifted psychic in general. She’s available for readings and psychic parties. Readers: Email me if you want contact info.)

Not entirely quiet

Since the psychic’s walkthrough it’s been quieter here but not entirely quiet. One night Benjamin came downstairs with a puzzled look on his face. “Mommy,” he said, “I was singing and someone in my room telled me to Shhh! Was dat you?” I told him no and I walked him back up to his room. His window was open but there was no one outside. I told him that it might have been someone from outside who wasn’t there anymore and to let me know if it happened again.

I got extremely angry that night because so far nothing had ever happened with my son. So after I closed his door I got all Crazy Mommy in the hallway and started yell/whispering that whatever was here had better leave my kids alone or I was going to exorcise their butts right outta here.

[This seems like a good time to address anyone who might ever want to employ me: Hi. I’m only a little crazy. I promise I won’t brew potions in the company coffee pot. Please hire me.]

Another time I was sitting in the living room working on my laptop when the lamp behind the sofa went off. This is the same lamp that has been weird in the past. I sat there for a few seconds trying to process what had just happened. I thought about getting up to turn it back on but I was cozy on the couch and didn’t feel like moving. Plus, I thought, I wasn’t the one who turned it off. Why should I have to get up? So I said, “Hey. I’m trying to work here. Could you turn that back on, please?” No sooner was the sentence out of my mouth than the light made a loud buzzing sound, turned back on at partial illumination for several seconds and then flicked all the way back on. Inside I was FREAKING but I tried to pretend like it was all cool and just went back to working.

And one other time I heard the crashing sound. I can’t remember when. But that’s it. Three incidents in total since my psychic friend was here.

Be a badass

I’ve seen in my house that the “claiming my space” thing works for a while and then I have to re-do it every now and then. I think it really helped to have my daughter involved in it when something kept talking to her.

Perhaps you and your husband are kicking these things out but maybe the kids are still engaging with whatever is there? It might be good to come together as a family to deliver a strong, united message. It might also be important for the kids to know they are powerful here. Kids are conditioned to listen and obey — even if they don’t know what they’re listening to. Your children have to know that these things aren’t in charge.

From all my reading on this — and I am far from an expert here — it seems that we, the living, don’t realize the power we actually have to command our own space when things go bump in the night. Keep kicking those buggers out.

I suspect that it also helps to not show fear — although I know that can be really hard, especially for kids. And again, what you guys are dealing with is waaaay more intense than what we had going on here.

Other things to think about

I would stay away from having any more paranormal groups in. I wouldn’t have any psychics visit unless you have a really great reference first. Why? I think it can be antagonistic to the spirits. I’ve heard many stories of activity increasing after psychic visits — although I had the opposite experience.

If you can’t find any other help elsewhere, I’d totally pursue an exorcism. That ritual seems to have a lot of power behind it. Something about harnessing the powerful positive energy in a really focused way seems to have an impact. (I’m not religious, so that’s my hippie perspective on it.)

I don’t think burning some sage is a bad idea in the meantime. I did it over here. I also rung a bell in every room while envisioning white light filling the house. Bells are supposed to disrupt the vibration of the room.

I wish you so much luck with this. I wish you peace in your home. I wish you and your family safety and security. Please keep me posted.

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3 responses to “Ask Trish: What Should I do About my Haunted House, part two”

  1. Casey Avatar

    This is actually really great advice Trish. One other thing I’d like to add (from my own experience), is that sometimes that “feeling” you get when you know you’re not alone is “creepy” and “frightening”. If I haven’t told you the stories of what happened when my Mom passed (and you want to hear them) I’ll share. But whenever I felt her here, I still got those “creepy” feelings. I was scared, even though I knew it was my Mom. So the feelings we get don’t always mean it’s a bad spirit, at least imho. Good luck to this family! And your daughter in the attic is a much, much braver woman than I will ever be. Good for her 🙂

  2. Tracey Avatar

    Native American friends of mine advise, never burn sage at night. Mud morning is best, and holding it burning in your hand while moving clockwise around every room, clockwise around every door and window, twice at every entrance and exit, clockwise around the interior and exterior if the house, and finally around the perimeter of the property. A self written mantra of love, white healing light, and protection to be repeated, all the while visualizing them leaving, and then they are sealed out. Visualize also, a doorway of the same loving white light, that as they leave they go into, and can therefore pass to the other side. Lots of sleep and water and courage prior. And if the whole family did it together, it’s not only empowering and taking total control, but it’s a spiritual experience to touch the hearts of beings trapped here, and guide them to move on.

  3. Angel the Alien Avatar

    Good advice! I live (and grew up in) a haunted house too… at least we are pretty sure it is haunted because things that have happened the entire time we’ve lived here… but the potential ghost has never threatened us or done anything too bad. Once when my brother and I were little a shoe tapped by itself in our bedroom… we both remember it clearly… but mostly it is just things falling down for no real reason, things turning on by themselves, etc. I just try not to think about it. By now, I kinda would miss the ghost if he/she/it left!

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