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Blessings (and a bit a of a smackdown)

Breakfast today: Cup O’ Noodles and a steaming mug of Alka Selzter Cold. Aah, yes. The holidays are here.

But I REFUSE to get sick on my first major holiday as a single mom. It just flat-out cannot happen.

So today, on this day before Thanksgiving, I will count some darn blessings.

I am thankful for:

1. Funny, inquisitive kids

2. My unbelievable mother and my sisters and the gorgeous, complicated little family unit that we are

3. Peppermint mocha cream in my coffee

4. A few quiet-ish moments to write before the day gets too crazy

5. The belief that better things are coming

6. Ridiculousness and all the things that make me throw my head back and laugh

7. FRIENDS and the knowledge that I have a multitude of people I can call who will drop everything for me if I needed them

8. Peace with the ex, especially with the knowledge that not everyone has this [And if you’re reading this and think that maybe I’m pointing a finger at YOU, you are probably correct — it doesn’t have to be so farking hard, unless you choose to make it that way. Ask yourself, why are you and the people around you spending so much energy on your ex-wife? Are your lives all that small? Don’t you have anything better to do? Every time you and your roving band of crazies creates another drama you’re just showing how sad your lives really are. Seriously, people, get some hobbies.]

[Doesn’t it kill you that I know you read this?] 

[One more note — this one for the crazy third-party person who keeps trying to get in on the drama lately: Don’t go changin’, sister, because YOU are the best free entertainment I’ve had in years. Every time someone spots you on the scene, I just start timing how long it’s going to take for the phone to ring and the bitching to start — pretty soon I’m going to be able to hard-boil eggs by it. So thank you for many, many laughs. Your lunacy is just so delicious to me and I can’t wait to see what your next crazy trauma is. My only regret is that we can’t hang out in person because I’m sure THAT would be a friggin’ barrel of crazy monkeys.]

Moving on …

9. The knowledge that this, too, shall pass and that I will allow myself to heal and move on [Moving on is fun! It would be AWESOME if more people would try it! Especially after six farking years.]

10. The warm, cozy single-momma townhouse that is filled with donated objects from people who love me and my kidsters (not a bad way to live)

11. Paying my bills every single month since I’ve been on my own

12. Creativity

13. Learning

14. New adventures

15. Good things yet to come

16. Art lessons from my 7-year old

17. Footy PJs

18. Kids who still want to sit on my lap

19. Being able to go to my 20-year high school reunion and not feel like a loser, even though I’m getting divorced (shout out to Patricia Omoqui, who taught me that divorce doesn’t have to be the biggest tragedy of my life — check her out

20. Piefest 2010, and not getting bent out of shape that my kitchen is about to get trashed by eager little bakers

21. Learning to let people help me — hard, powerful lesson

22. The good times, the bad times, the in-between times — they all mean that I’m alive and participating in life

23. Fearlessness

24. This blog, which has been the best therapy I could’ve ever hoped for

25. Dreaming new dreams

Sorry for the smackdown. Had to be done. (Just to be clear, it has NOTHING to do with Tom or our situation.) Even a peace-loving hippie like myself has her limits when someone is abusing people she loves and I’ve been silent a very, very long time.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Specials hugs to all my newly-single peeps! This, too, shall pass bitches! Love from me.

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