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Do You Stink at Throwing Parties? Here’s Help from Elton John’s Party Planner (For Real)

If I were to sit down and make a list of things that I’m good at, I’d probably include:

  • making dinner out of whatever is around
  • being 10 minutes late to anything that’s not a work function, wedding, or funeral, and
  • justifying why I should have cake today (there’s always a reason if you think hard enough)

What I would not include: throwing kids’ birthday parties. I’m the worst at it.

[Except for Megan’s 5th birthday party, in which I turned our house into a movie theater. The kids got play money and took turns “buying” the concessions from each other at little cardboard stands before watching a Hannah Montana movie. They loved it. But that was pretty much the only good idea I’ve ever had.]

Anyway, Benjamin has a birthday coming up. I don’t feel like dropping a gajillion bucks to endure sitting in a Chuck E. Cheese for two hours again, so I’m looking at other options for things we could do at home with just a couple of kids. Perhaps a superhero party …

But what would kids do at a superhero party? Could they fight crime? Learn new superhero skills?

I start doing a little online search when I found Matt James’s website. Hallelujah!

Mr. James is a big-time professional party planner — as in, yeah, he’s thrown parties at Sir Elton John’s estate. (That’s why I’m calling him “Mr. James” instead of Matt. Well, that and he’s British.) But guess what else? Mr. James’s website is full of tips and tricks for the sadder mortals among us who are party-challenged. His superhero ideas are fantastic, but he also has ideas for all kinds of other functions for adults, teens, and kids.

Peeps: Check him out.

You’re welcome!

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