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Today’s ‘Tude: Resilience, Republicans and O’Reilly

Today I am grateful for resilience, Republicans and O’Reilly. (And alliteration! So yummy!)

I read an article years ago that stated that the best thing you can do for your kids is teach them how to be resilient.

Learning another language, playing an instrument, becoming a superjock … none of these things determine success.

Dealing with and adapting to change is the key.

Why? Because nothing, no thing in life ever remains the same forever and always.

You were small and now you’re big. Friends move away and new people move into their house. People get divorced. You make money, you lose money. People around you die.

Things are constantly in motion. The people who learn this and adapt fare much better.

Think of it like the weather. It’s pretty dopey to bundle up in winter clothes if it’s 75 degrees outside — even if it’s December and December is “supposed” to be a cold month.

I feel yo pain, conservatives

I’ve been thinking about this a lot because of the election.

I just want to say that I feel bad for the people who think Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

I couldn’t stand George W. Bush. I cringed every time I heard his stupid voice and all the stupidity coming from his stupid mouth on his big, stupid face.

Is that how you feel about Obama, conservatives? You have genuine disgust, don’t you? And fear. When I’m seeing my suburban, middle-class momfriend on Facebook talk about buying firearms and fortifying her home, I think it’s safe to say that people are losing their shit over this.

When Dubya got elected, I was a news junkie. I hung out with other news junkies and we waited for things to fall apart. In our minds, things did — and pretty fast. (Iraq War: I’m lookin’ at you.)

I couldn’t wait until four years passed so I could vote that doofus OUT — send him PACKING because this country had had ENOUGH.

But yeah. Not so much.

How to survive being a loser

Four more years of THAT guy. How was I ever going to survive when that idiot was in the White House making asinine decisions every single day?

Finally, I had to realize that I was becoming a self-righteous, humorless fuck.

Conservatives: Don’t let this be you.

Here’s how to handle it: STOP.

No more news for you. Turn that shit off for a while. It will just make you angry. You already voted. That means that right now, today, there’s nothing else you can do.

I had to realize that during the Bush years. I stopped paying attention, with the idea that if there was a big enough issue that required me to write to my congressperson, I’d hear about it at some point.

But day to day, soundbite to soundbite … I was out.

And you know what happened? The world kept turning. The sun kept rising. It all went on without me.

And I was much happier. I suspect I was also much nicer to be around.

Change happens

But back to that resilience thing…

Conservatives, while I understand that you’re upset, I do want to gently point out something.

The world is changing. I see so much anger and fear on your side of the fence and to me, it seems that much of it has to do with fear of change.

Is all change good? Of course not. But refusing to acknowledge that change is happening and claiming that some past incarnation is the “way things should be” is unrealistic.

Think about it in your own life.

You don’t continue to dress your teenagers in Dora the Explorer clothing. That would be silly.

Maybe your parents are getting too old to take care of the family house — and maybe it’s so big that it’s become a burden. It doesn’t serve them anymore.

You take an aspirin every day for your heart health, but you never did that when you were younger.

What people need changes.

What countries need changes, too.

We are not the same country we were in the past. Trying to stuff this nation into some past mold of an “ideal” United States isn’t serving anyone.

We need to look at who we are today and what our needs are.

Just one example: Climate change is going to be harder to ignore and attempting to discredit scientists because we don’t like what they’re saying is only wasting time, while our shores flood and our people suffer.

Feeling the love for the right

So today I am thankful for resilience and the Republican party and Bill fucking O’Reilly.

Yep. All of those.


I know they don’t like it, but they’re finally admitting that some of their old ideas no longer fit the country.

When they say “America is changing,” I know they’re mourning that fact — but I’m happy to hear them at least acknowledge it. I have this crazy, probably unrealistic thought that maybe that acknowledgement might bring us closer together on some things.

Your worst fears probably won’t happen

Conservatives, I managed to survive eight years of Dubya. I didn’t love that time.

But while he was in office, you know what I did manage to love?

My family. My friends. My dog. Drinking coffee. Writing. Going for walks.

You get my point.

Keep perspective. Sure, there are serious issues that may affect your life. You’re worried. You’re scared.

But despite your fears, it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to wake up in the morning and find two undocumented, atheist, homosexual Mexicans eating your Captain Crunch while sodomizing your cats and tuning all your radios to NPR.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths.


You can do it.

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It’s nice to meet you.

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2 responses to “Today’s ‘Tude: Resilience, Republicans and O’Reilly”

  1. John S. Avatar
    John S.

    Good commentary Trish. Refreshing to see someone share the similarities from the reelection of George W. Bush. As a conservative, I will tell you this. The one issue most concerning is the growing debt. Clinton worked towards the center during his second term and shrank the debt down to nothing. Right now Republicans don’t have faith in Obama to be capable of the same. If he did try, opinions would change, but the fear that we are spending so much money, that we will force that burden on our kids and grandchildren, is infuriating. I hope and pray he can somehow bring everyone to work together, because the country has become more divided than ever.

    1. Trish Avatar


      Thank you for the thoughtful explanation. I appreciate the insight.

      Regarding your concerns, I’ll say what you’ve probably heard other liberals say — and what I imagine is a completely unsatisfying response at this point — but here it is. The fiscal mess that Obama inherited was epic. It’s going to take more than four years to clean it up. Warning: I’m about to be a total liberal cliche’ and paraphrase Jon Stewart, but he said it’s like the Republicans made a big mess and are now incensed that the Democrats haven’t cleaned it up fast enough.

      As for moving toward the center, I’m hoping for the same from the other side. When I see things like this in this article (about Republicans vowing to obstruct the economic recovery so they can win the next election) it makes me wonder how much Republicans are really interested in compromise.

      As for you, old friend, I would say this: Take a break from the news. It’s so hard, I know. Try it for a day and then for a few days. Focus on that gorgeous baby of yours. Don’t drive yourself crazy. The world will keep turning.

      One more thing, in case you can’t bring yourself to ignore the news: When you find your blood boiling, remember that news is a business and it’s run on numbers. They need to make sure you’re watching/reading/listening. How do they do that? They scare the crap out of you and they make you angry. I don’t know how many editorial meetings you sat in on while working for our old employer, but that was exactly what we tried to do on every regulatory pub. We tried to figure out how to spin every single story so it had a “They’re comin’ to getcha!” or “Look what they’re doing now! You just can’t win!” tone to it. Why? Because that’s what sold. Just try to be aware of when someone is using that tactic on you.

      Thanks for the comment. Hope you and the family are doing well. 😉

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