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Taking (some of) the pain out of transcription

This post for all the writers out there.

If you ever have to transcribe interviews, I just found a great tool that you’ll want to get your grubby little mitts on.

I have always found the transcription to be extremely painful. I wasn’t ever able to find a transcription system that worked well so I often went clumsily back and forth between my audio files and a word document. Transcribe by Wreally Studios has been a revelation. It’s easy to use and it helped me breeze through my last audio file in a fraction of the time it normally would’ve taken. (No, I’m not getting paid to write this — this is just a really awesome and useful tool that I’m excited about.)

Transcribe allows you to import your audio files into the same interface you use to type. That means you can control playback and enter text from one screen.  You can even speed up and slow down the recording, which is really helpful.


User interface for Transcribe by Wreally
User interface for Transcribe by Wreally

Transcribe autosaves your work and then allows you to export to Word with one click.

You can even dictate and Transcribe will turn your pretty little voice into text.

Only two drawbacks:

1. When I tried to upload my WMA file, I got a message that the file was being converted to an mp3. The system got hung up over several attempts. I converted the file on my own, uploaded it as an mp3, and then everything worked great.

2. It would be really nice if there were an option to modify the pitch. When I slow down the recording, everything starts to sound wonky (which is what happens when you slow down recordings … but a musician pal who’s also a writer mentioned that he brings up the pitch when he transcribes in another system … great idea).

But hey … I got a message from Kishore Nallan, the cofounder of Wreally, a few hours after I signed up. He asked if I had any suggestions and I shared the above with him, so who knows? In any case, thumbs up to Wreally for engaging with customers in such a proactive way.

Oh, and the cost after the trial period? Twenty bucks per year. Well worth it, if you ask me.

Happy transcribing!



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