Talking to myself at the end of a long day

Talking to myself at the end of a long day

And tonight I ask myself this: “Patricia, did we do a good job of modeling patience and understanding for our children tonight?”

And I answer: “Uh, no. No we didn’t.”

“Can we do better tomorrow?”

“I’ll try. But … they’re so whiny. And they argue so much …”

“Patricia …”

“And they never stop needing stuff. And I have so many other things to do. And there aren’t enough hours in the day …”


“What? You have to admit they were pretty mouthy tonight. I mean, I’m human. I have my breaking point.”

“Patricia Marie.


“Who’s the grownup here?”

“You are. I mean I am. I mean us. The people/person having this lunatic conversation.”

“Right. So can we do better tomorrow?”

“I guess so.”

“Good. Now forgive yourself and wake up tomorrow with a clean slate.”

“Fine. But I hate you for making me be the grownup all the time.”



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  1. Angel The Alien on October 19, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    I hate that annoying voice that is always bossing me around inside my brain! Sometimes it sounds just like my mother!

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