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Totally not worth your time

This blog hiatus brought to you by Sinus Infection™. For those times when a head cold is just snot enough.

I have at least 3 or 4 totally mind-blowing posts in the works. But I can’t blow your minds right now because I’m too busy blowing my nose. And before I was blowing my nose, I was blowing my kids’ noses (walking Petri dishes those kids are…). And before I was blowing my kids’ noses, I was blowing my husband’s… don’t make me say it.

I blame this pathetic post on another post: the nasal-drip kind.

Keep my seat on the sectional warm, blogmuffins. A little Amoxocillin, some squeezy cheese and a Fanta orange are just what the doctor ordered and momma will be good to go.

(Can I deliver on a headline or what?)

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4 responses to “Totally not worth your time”

  1. KC Mansfield Avatar
    KC Mansfield

    So it all starts with the husband… That’s how I read it, at least. But what is squeezy cheese? I’m not sure if it sounds tasty or like something that needs to be cleaned up. Quickly.

  2. Heather Avatar

    So, how’s that neti pot coming along?

  3. your old roomie Avatar
    your old roomie

    remember my plastic nose that had green candy boogers that came out of it? ahh…the good ‘old days.

    i hear ya sister … i just had a sinus infection a week and a half ago. nasty little bugger! (or should i say, nasty little booger.) 😉

    hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Trish Avatar

    KC: Cheese in a can. With aerosol. Look for it in the processed snack aisle. And yet, it should be cleaned up immediately.

    Heather: My Neti Pot and I have no secrets.

    Renee: I suspect you still have the same sinus infection you had in 1993. Still carrying around a cup to spit your loogies in?

    Teeth whitening: Welcome to our little gathering. I now feel motivated to buy a black light so I can look at your choppers in the dark.

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