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My Trump-Supporting Friends Want Me to Stop Screaming at Them

I’ve spent the last few days doing an inordinate amount of screaming on Facebook. I have some friends who voted for Trump who have had it with me. They’re tired of getting yelled at. The fact that they haven’t just unfriended my loud mouth is a testament to how reluctant they are to just throw me away, which I appreciate. I don’t want to throw them away either.

But we do not “get” each other at this moment. At all. They think I’m letting politics ruin my relationships. Why can’t I just chill? Why can’t we all get along?

Here’s the bones of what I wrote to one of them this morning, with some additional thoughts thrown in:

To understand the why the freakouts are happening, every time you hear me say Trump, I want you to substitute it with Hitler. To me, and to a lot of other people, that’s the level of panic we’re at.

When I’m “screaming,” it’s because in my mind, we’re in the first third of a WWII movie and you’re my nice old friend who is funny and kind. But I’m starting to get worried about some of the things I’m hearing and seeing around town. You’re not. This will all blow over, you tell me. Live your life, mind your business, you tell me.

I’m screaming because I want my funny, kind friend, whom I love, to SEE.

You want us to “fly together.” I want that, too. I want that so badly that I’m screaming at you. I have always thought you were a good person in your heart and your soul. I don’t want you to fall for all of the propaganda. I don’t ever want you to get to a place where you feel bad because some Nazis, who had the full intention to start some fights, got beat up. (They may have been wearing Trump T-shirts, but they weren’t beat up because they were Trump supporters. They were beat up because they were hateful racists who were calling for genocide. I want you to make this distinction.)

I get that you think I sound nuts because I’m comparing Trump to Hitler. But how do you think it started in Germany? They didn’t just pick a day and go in and round up the Jews. Did you hear the news yesterday that the Department of Justice is trying to get the names of the people who visited an anti-Trump site to arrange the Jan. 21 protests? Why do they want those? Are they going to start surveilling us? Are they planning to round us all up? What about our Constitutionally-protected right to peacefully assemble, which we did?

Oh yeah, there’s also the fact that Trump has several Nazis/white supremacists working as White House advisers. A white supremacist authored his inaugural address. I cannot blow these things off. I’m screaming at you because I can’t believe you are.

This is not like you. Not the you that I know. I’m worried that you’ve been conditioned to believe if the libtards are freaking out, then there’s nothing to worry about. At least that’s what young, hot Tomi Lahren is saying (because she’s such a scholar of world history and international relations). While you’re busy laughing at us, our country is being stolen out from under us. We need you to stop laughing and start seeing what’s going on, because we need to work together to save our democracy. For real, dude. This is not a drill.

Do you know that Venezuela just basically became a dictatorship in the past few years? That was a wealthy country. People had it so good there that an obesity epidemic was starting to happen, and now those same people are literally starving and eating out of trash cans. Look into this. It’s shocking.

These things DO happen. We’re a relatively young country. We have to protect our checks and balances and free elections or we will lose them.

I’m screaming at you because if you don’t see this stuff now, I’m afraid you won’t see it, ever. I’m screaming because I want to GET THROUGH to you to look around, and view this stuff in the context of world history. I’m screaming at you because I think you’re smart enough and sensible enough to shake off some of this rhetoric and SEE. I’m screaming at you because I think there might a chance that you’re not too far gone, at least not yet.

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It’s nice to meet you.

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