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What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

Moving boxes on sunny windowsill next to plant.90 days.

We’re coming up on 90 days in the new house. Man, that went fast.

If you know me in person and I haven’t invited you over yet, don’t be insulted. We’ve barely had anyone over. We want to. We intend to. And then another week goes by.

Can I share something with you all? I miss writing on this site so much. In fact, I mentally write blog posts all the time.

And then I realize that I couldn’t possibly post any of that because a) I only mentally wrote it #doh, and b) I’ve written so sporadically over the past few years that it feels pretty herky jerky to just jump back in and start telling stories again.

Lately I keep finding myself starting posts and then not finishing them. I’m rusty.

So do me a favor, please. Help me ease myself back into the water. Consider this post (and maybe the next few as well) my attempt at shaking off the dust.

In an attempt to fill in some blanks and get the ball rolling, here’s a quick recap of some things that I feel like telling you. In no particular order:

  1. We totally are, like, living here. All the time. Every day. We have keys and everything. It seems unbelievable that our lives take place in this delicious storybook of a location after how long and terrible the house-finding process was. But here we are. Joe and look at each other several times a week and say “I love living here.”
  2. The state of being completely unpacked should happen any time now. (I swear, this time I will not leave full boxes sit, only to unpack them and repack them before the next move. Hold me to this, people!)
  3. After months of not sleeping over things like “Will the kids freak out when they hear about the engagement?” “How will everyone get along when we’re all under one roof?” “Please, please, please let my kids make friends at their new school … please, please, please” and “Will I remember how to live life with another adult again?” … it seems that all is well. In fact, it’s great. All the kids were so excited about the engagement. My kids were bummed about having to move but they’ve transitioned the new school beautifully. We got plunked down next to an amazing neighbor who made it her mission to introduce our kids around the neighborhood (thank you, God, for this neighbor — please dump a buttload of blessings on her on my behalf), so that was super helpful. Living life with another adult (or at least Joe) has been pretty delightful. It’s a weird change in mindset, in terms of daily living and in terms of having a life partner, but I’m seriously digging it in both senses.
  4. Have I mentioned that I’m engaged? I am. To Joe. He’s not a dream-come-true for me because I never would’ve known to ask for someone so wonderful. The Universe over-delivered when it brought him to me.
  5. I feel lucky and happy and grateful every single day for so many things.
  6. I traveled a bit this summer. I spoke at the Blogher Conference in New York City and it was such a high — I  wanted to run out and fight crime or something after I was finished. I also went to New England for work, and I decided to stay in the town I’d lived in as a kid. While there, I also decided to break into my childhood home with one of my childhood neighbors. (True story. I’m still laughing about it.) Certainly I will have to write a post about that at some point …
  7. I’m thinking lots of deep thoughts about lots of things. I’m reading a lot. I’m setting goals. I’m making lists. I’m making a deliberate attempt to craft my life instead of just surviving. All of this feels important and good.
  8. I just had my one-year anniversary with my first “big girl” client (i.e., I prospected, pitched, and landed the account all on my own). Woot!
  9. I lost one of my biggest accounts. I was subcontracting for another company and their contract got pulled. It was disappointing and a little scary, but I’ve had enough other work just waltz in through my door that I haven’t had to sweat it a whole lot. I’m taking the time to regroup and think about where I want to spend my mental energy next.
  10. I started writing this yesterday. I was going to post it yesterday evening, but then I got derailed by a completely preventable and extremely stupid kitchen accident that was followed by a trip to the urgent care center to get three stitches put in my hand. Let’s just say I’m a genius with a manual can opener. Joe wasn’t home yet when the incident occurred but Megan jumped in and quickly, calmly, and efficiently did everything I asked her to do while I was busy holding my gashed finger together (every time I let go of it, finger guts started squishing out and a pretty formidable puddle of blood was forming on the floor). I was trying to not freak the kids out too much.”Guys … I’m going to have to put my head down for a minute … don’t worry. I’m just trying not to pass out.” Later, I praised Megan like crazy for keeping such a cool head. “I only did that because it was you,” she said. “I could never be a nurse. That was so disgusting I thought I was going to pass out!” And here, all evening I’d been picturing her working in an ER. So much for that …
  11. Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Cookie Thins are mega-deelish.
  12. It’s fall. That makes me smile.

All for now, peeps. Catch you next time!

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4 responses to “What I Did Over My Summer Vacation”

  1. theskyandback Avatar

    Great to read an update from you. I love that you are feeling happy and grateful. Let the good times keep a-coming! I write posts in my head allllll the time. I’d be so prolific if I actually, like, wrote any of them. Xo.

    1. theskyandback Avatar

      Also, what happened to your “not worth reading…” tagline? I miss it!

      1. Trish Avatar

        It’s still there but it only shows up on the home page. Ah, the joys of an in-the-box blog theme!

  2. Stacey Avatar

    Great post! #7 really resonated with me as I think so many of us single moms are in “survival mode.” Going to change the paradigm and start crafting my life as well. Thank you! And congrats on your engagement!!

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