Who doesn’t love a quickie?

Who doesn’t love a quickie?

Down, boys and girls. This is not a post about sex.

Un-fucking-fortunately, I might add.

I meant “quickie” in that this is just a quickie post because I’m tired and there’s still much to do before bed.

Here’s what I’m grateful for today:

FOUR WHOLE YEARS of having my darling little Benjamin in my life.

Four years of thinking, “This is the perfect age. If I could freeze him right here, as he is, I would.”

The sneaky suspicion that the Universe planted a BOY in my uterus so many years ago so that I would have to work through some of these I-don’t-understand-the-male-species issues that I have. Showering that kid with unconditional love — and getting it right back — has been healing.

A home-made chocolate birthday cake baked in my own kitchen by three pairs of hands.

Two chocolate-cake-batter-smeared mouths … although I regret my attempts to document them were thwarted.

Two recipes passed down for generations — resulting in the BEST cake and icing that will ever glide across anyone’s tastebuds. I could cry thinking about it.

A no-frills, old-fashioned, family-sittin’-around-the-table kid birthday party.

Seeing my kids delight in their cousins.

Watching my little guy dance with joy when unwrapping a truck that came with a dinosaur. Watching my mom enjoy knowing that her gift was a hit.

Loading up my car with all the donations people gave me to help out one of Benjamin’s daycare teachers, who had a horrible kitchen fire and lost a room’s worth of stuff (and who didn’t have renters’ insurance to replace it).

Having my mom tell me she was proud of me for helping this woman. Me telling her that I had a great example.

Once again, seeing my friends come together to help a stranger.

Once again, getting the affirmation that by and large, people are good and want to help each other.

A quiet house. Remnants of another birthday party, now past.

The bittersweet feeling that soon — any day now — I will look at my little guy and the last remaining bits of babyhood will be gone.

Good night all.

You can't get this from a bakery.


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