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You won’t believe how [blank] this [blank] is!

I’m so tired of all the videos floating around social media that say something like “Cutest [blank] ever!” “You won’t believe how [blank] this [blank] is!” “Don’t watch this without tissues!”

Invariably, I watch these things and then wonder why I spent the time on something that just couldn’t live up to the hype.

The one exception? Military parents coming home and surprising their kids. I watch every freakin’ one and yeah, usually I’m reaching for some tissues.

Here’s the latest one, complete with an excruciating buildup, courtesy of a toddler’s clumsy unwrapping skills.

Dad in a Box



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2 responses to “You won’t believe how [blank] this [blank] is!”

  1. Old School/New School Mom Avatar

    All of them are like that! It’s so annoying.

  2. Angel The Alien Avatar

    My weakness for videos is anything with animals! I also, for some reason, love to watch videos of children getting their cochlear implants activated for the first time.

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