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A message from Adele’s best friend

I know that everyone thinks Adele is theirs. You know — her songs really “speak” to you. She says juuuuust want you’re feeling. You’re so connected. 

But I want you to know this: She’s actually mine. I’ll share though if I have to — and now I guess I have no choice since she was such a genius at the Grammy Awards last night.
Watch this to get your pants charmed off by this unassuming superstar-thang of a girl. Seriously: I predict that when you’re done watching this, you’ll look down and be pantsless. I also predict that someday Adele and I will make cupcakes together. I love a girl who loves her cake. I think we’ll do carrot cake. Or red velvet.
Nah, carrot cake.
[Also, let me just point out that we have become a world where an interviewer gets interviewed about the interview he just conducted. Oy.] [But I’m not gonna say I didn’t enjoy it.]
I remember the first time I heard “Rolling in the Deep.” I was on my way to work  and I was so knocked out I nearly had to pull over. Plus, I was sporting a bit of a ‘tude at the time about a dude (a phenomenon known as a “dude ‘tude”) so it was particularly satisfying.
And then I thought: This girl is speaking to me. She is saying juuuust what I’m thinking! We are so connected! I wonder if she likes carrot cake?!!!
Everyone — including me, her best friend — is blown away by the fact that Adele is so young, yet so confident. So sure of herself in her talent. Knows who she is.
And that’s something that I (Adele’s best friend) think a lot about. I mean, it’s hard at any age. And she’s like, 23.
Believe it or not, I have a point to make here. (No, really.) I think I’m on the verge of making it, too. Let’s see, shall we?
The Irishman knows I have a thing for Led Zeppelin. A few months ago he got us tickets to see a Zeppelin tribute band called Get the Lead Out. I was … dubious. I was like, “Oh boy. A tribute band. Nice sentiment here but I think he just missed the mark … I (Adele’s best friend) do not do tribute bands except in an ironic way.”
However … they were damn good. They were awesome, in fact. They didn’t try to look like Zeppelin, which I really appreciated. They didn’t try to imitate their stage moves at all. They were like, “We’re not trying to be them, we just want to give you the experience of this great music in a live setting.”
And they were stellar musicians. They nailed — no lie — EVERY song. And this is coming from a girl who spent many many hours sitting in between the stereo speakers in her teenage bedroom devouring Zeppelin on vinyl. I know my shit.
But …
At the end of the day …
They are a cover band.
The lesson in the whole thing for me was this: You’re only going to get so far imitating someone else. If you really want to fly — if you really want to be great — you’ve gotta be your own thang. Whatever that is. (And only you know.)
Speak up, peeps. Let your freak flag fly. Live the life on the outside that you’re feeling on the inside.
And then come over to my house and Adele and I will make you some cupcakes.
* Sorry about the weird formatting — WordPress is refusing to honor my spacing for some reason …  grrr …

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  1. Kate Avatar

    Gotta love a girl who takes a “rubbish relationship” and turns it into gold… you go Trish… oh and Adele’s pretty good at it too.

  2. Mom Gone Mad Avatar

    lol… I was thinking your formatting was pretty cool – with the dashes. I didn’t realize until you mentioned it that it was not intentional!

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